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Everyone who writes well reads a lot.


If you don’t like reading, you’re reading the wrong books.


Reading is the inhale, writing is the exhale. Breathe.


One learns to write by writing, not by reading. One learns to paint by painting, not by watching. One learns to build by building, not by analyzing.


Knowledge comes from reading, listening, watching. Wisdom comes from applying this knowledge: writing, making, building.


You can't make what you don't measure. If you want to read more books, lose weight, save money, call your parents more frequently, Start measuring.


Reading is easy. Learning is hard. Writing is easy. Thinking is hard. Painting is easy. Observing is hard.


Writing is a great excuse to read.


The fastest way to clean your house is to start writing a book.


Building products, writing, and painting are not mental excercises, they are physical ones. Reading to improve is like watching someone else workout – it does almost nothing for you. To run better, run. To paint better, paint. To write better, write. To build better, build.


A one-dimensional identity puts all of your happiness in one basket. Fill your life with friends, family, lore, love, books, hobbies, exercise, art... Diversify your identity and you'll always have something to be happy about!


You can learn more about someone from what they read than what they tweet.


Everyone has a story inside of them that's better than any book ever written.


If you want to think more like someone: Read their favorite books. Read the same articles. Listen to the same podcasts. Follow the people they follow.


I've grown more from reading fiction than reading non-fiction.


Tweets are appetizers, small and experimental. Blog posts are main courses, consistent and relatively safe. Books are tasting menus. You trust the creator and lean into whatever narrative is given to you.


Reading didn’t use to be a hobby.


Top two things I've learned from writing fiction: 1. You're writing entertainment first. If it's not entertaining, readers won't make it to your ideas. 2. Readers need a character to root for. Someone they like but wouldn't want to be. Both can be applied to non-fiction too!


Books are the best way to understand and reckon with the entirety of someone's view on a particular subject, not just the soundbites.

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