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Things you don't have to do to start a company: - Quit your job - Learn to code - Write a business plan - Raise money - Hire employees Things you have to do: Start.


Learning to write is much more important than learning to code.


Knowing how to make videos is going to be more important to the next generation than learning how to code.


The most valuable language to learn is English. The second-most is probably Python or JavaScript.


Great software is created by people passionate about problems–not software.


Code is expensive. Code breaks. Code has bugs. Code has security risks. Code needs to be maintained. If you can do something without code, do it without code.


Before you learn to code, learn to codify. Codifying means taking the repetitive tasks in your job or life and organizing them in a systemic way. Once you see a pattern you can automate with code, learn to code.


It's not too late to start a software business. Today only 3% of commerce happens online. It will become 97%. That's an almost-guaranteed 30x growth over the coming decades, not counting second order effects. (Now hurry up, or you'll only get a guaranteed 20x growth!)


Everyone should learn git. The concepts of forks, branching, merging, pull requests, and commits are broadly useful in making things beyond software.


They tell you software makes money while you sleep. They don't tell you that making software might make you sleep less.


Learn to code so you can get paid six figures to rearrange z-indexes until the problem goes away.


I don't like coding that much. I don't like designing that much. I don't like product management that much. But I *love* having shipped a product people love.


"Make money online" sounded scammy until I realized that defines the pitch of most startups. We use software and the internet to help people earn money so that they can have more freedom and time to do what they really want. That's pretty cool!


If you're building software or creating content, remember: You'll never know the full amount of the positive impact you've had on other people's lives. But you will become quite familiar with most of the negative ones.


Your startup can offer more than just software: - Community - Hope - Charity - Motivation - Advice from mistakes you've made - Interactions that make people feel good!


Thinking about scaling your team is not dissimilar from scaling a web application. Stay with me 👇🏽 An app starts out with a single read-and-write database, and zero caching. The code is simple, and there's a single source of truth...


Somewhere along the way... Celebrities became influencers. Serial entrepreneurs became repeat founders. Coders became software engineers. UI/UX became product design. The same, but different.

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