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Stop networking, start making friends.


Most people don’t need more advice, they need more cheerleaders.


Find the work that gives you energy.


Most people don't need more advice, but more belief in themselves.


One well-written blog post can take you farther than the most impressive CV.


You can guarantee yourself the ability to start a startup: Buy a domain. Learn to code so you won't need to pay for engineers. Learn a bit of design so you won't need any designers. There you go. Now you can launch anything.


Before you ask someone for advice, spend a few hours seeing how far you can get by yourself. Either you’ll get to the answer yourself, or you’ll be able to frame your situation in a way that will yield better, more specific advice - and earn you more of their respect.


If you want to start a band, you should probably learn an instrument. If you want to start a restaurant, you should probably learn to cook. If you want to start a startup, you should probably learn to code.


If you want to accelerate your career, use your real name and face on the internet.


Pick a problem you'll love working on, not because it'll make you buckets of money. Because when years pass and there's still no money in sight, the love for the problem will keep you going.


Save yourself before saving others.


Looking back, most of my life's inflection points involved being asked to bite off way more than I could chew, and saying yes anyways. If you're given a break, take it, even if you don't think you're qualified. Bite off more than you can chew, then figure out how to chew it.


If you want to make some of the best stuff ever made, you have to say no to consuming some of the best stuff ever made.


Do what you need to do to have all the time and freedom in the world. Then use that time and freedom to do whatever you want. Conversely, find the overlap between what you love to do and what will earn you a living and do that from the beginning.


Train your brain to come up with good ideas, by coming up with good ideas.


Stop waiting, start starting.


Always have a work in progress. It's much easier to absorb and retain advice when you have something to apply it to.


I never understood the advice of "Be yourself." Isn't everything I do, being myself, by definition? Now I realize it means "Don't try to be someone else." And that's been much easier for me to internalize.

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