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You don’t become interesting by copying interesting people. You become interesting by following your own interests, going deeper down the rabbit hole than anyone else, and surfacing something new for the rest of us.


I think people should do less research before building an idea, not more. It’s much easier to find reasons not to do something, than to find reasons to do it. Too much research will kill the enthusiasm behind any idea, especially the ones that end up changing the world.


Great software is created by people passionate about problems–not software.


Do a thing a day that makes your heart beat faster.


Loving what you do is a superpower. You'll work longer, harder, think about the problems in contexts that will give you a new perspective, bring it up to people all the time who'll do the same, and the passion is contagious to prospective candidates, investors, and customers.


If you love what you do, other people will too.


The more love people have for a craft, the more potential there is for exploitation within the respective industry. See this in publishing, video games, animation, and more.

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