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College has never been more expensive, education has never been cheaper.


Investing in the stock market can turn $10,000 into $100,000. Investing in starting your own business can turn $1,000 into $1,000,000.


Competing with everyone: $10/hr Competing with a few: $100/hr Selling a product: $1,000/hr Building equity: $10,000/hr Making a market: $100,000/hr


Customers have more money than VCs do.


They tell you software makes money while you sleep. They don't tell you that making software might make you sleep less.


Turn your time into skill. Your skill into authority. Your authority into an audience. Your audience into an income. Your income into freedom. And your freedom into others’.


If you make something enough people want and pay for, you will win regardless of what anyone else thinks or says.


Make art that makes you happy. Make art that makes you better. Make art that makes you money. Make art that makes a difference.


How to be successful and happy in business: Find a way to earn interest on your interests.


Investing your time will lead to greater returns than investing your money.


Leverage comes from being able to say no. Profitability allows you to say no to everything. Profitability gives you infinite leverage.


Profitability is a means, not an end. Freedom is the end.


"Make money online" sounded scammy until I realized that defines the pitch of most startups. We use software and the internet to help people earn money so that they can have more freedom and time to do what they really want. That's pretty cool!


Everyone’s income tax returns should be public. Would allow for: - Fines that scale up and down - More accountability around executive pay - Wage gap transparency - Progressive sales tax This is already true in Finland, Norway, and Sweden.


Of all forms of marketing, outrage has the lowest customer acquisition cost.


If it was truly “direct to consumer” you wouldn’t have a customer acquisition cost greater than a customer’s lifetime value.


The number one reason companies are embracing remote work is to cut costs. Prediction: while remote work is sexy today, the zeitgeist will flip.


Co-located teams move much faster than fully remote, asynchronous teams. But they spend far more money per feature shipped. The speed is often worth the cost in the early days, and less so over time as scalability and stability take priority.


The higher the ARR, the dumber the tweets.

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