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Things you can improve: - Your attitude - Memory - Discipline - Creativity - Time management - Stamina - Writing ability - Charisma - Happiness Things you can’t: - The past


You get better at writing one word at a time. You build your network one relationship at a time. You build your business one sale at a time. This never changes.


To improve at something, consistently put yourself in an uncomfortable place. Start a startup, train for a marathon, or commit to writing every day. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Building products, writing, and painting are not mental excercises, they are physical ones. Reading to improve is like watching someone else workout – it does almost nothing for you. To run better, run. To paint better, paint. To write better, write. To build better, build.


If you learn to celebrate the small things you'll have a thousand things to be happy about every day.


Do not improve your product based on the feedback of those who do not use your product. Improve your product by talking to the people who already use your product, but aren't in love with it. Reward early adopters, who in turn will reward you with more users.


Too many people focus on how good they are (or aren't) instead of how fast they are improving. I'd much rather hire someone who is growing exponentially than someone who has plateaued. The latter might be a great employee for a long time, the former will replace me.


Startups, books, and paintings are all products of the same thought: The world would be better if more people thought about things the way I do.


Writing is a way to scale the conversations you have in person.


There's no better way to improve than performing live. Want to be funny? Go to an open mic. Want to write well? Hit publish. Want to build better? Work on a product with passionate users. It won't get much easier, but you will get better.


Best way to improve at something: do it, get feedback, apply feedback, repeat frequently. Tweeting does this for thoughts and writing so well that I don't even have to name the best example of this because you already know who I'm talking about.


Wounds take much longer to heal than they do to cause. Physically, emotionally, societally.

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