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The longer you wait to start, the more you never will.


It takes years to become a great engineer, designer, writer, painter. But it only takes days to become communicative, reliable, and nice to be around — which will put you above 90% of your peers.


Success comes slowly, then all at once.


It takes years to get to the point where it takes an hour.


Things that take longer than you expect: - Building a company - Writing a book - Taking a roadtrip - Saving money Things that take less time than you expect:


You’ll get it when you no longer want it.


People underrate how much of building an audience at the start happens one-by-one. Stop trying to go “viral” and help the people around you out.


The longer it takes to become successful, the more prepared you will be to handle it.


The only game worth playing is the long one.


Don’t just exercise, train. Don’t just read, study. Don’t just paint, take visual notes. Exercise is short term and linear. Training compounds over the long term. In ten years, those who train will be in a different league than those who exercise.


The commonly cited 70% failure rate is only so high because founders and investors are trying to reach a certain scale in a certain amount of time. If you are willing to spend 10+ years to build a sustainable business that matters, your odds of success go way up.


You will be embarrassed of what you ship after a weekend. You will be embarrassed of what you ship after nine years. Ship.


It's not too late to start a software business. Today only 3% of commerce happens online. It will become 97%. That's an almost-guaranteed 30x growth over the coming decades, not counting second order effects. (Now hurry up, or you'll only get a guaranteed 20x growth!)


The longer you wait, the more likely you won’t.


It’s very unlikely that your first product will be any good. But it’s very likely that your tenth product will be, if you stick with it.


The longer you survive, the more likely you will thrive.


How to succeed: don't fail for long enough.


Work on something long enough and it will start telling you what it needs. At that point it becomes more like steering a ship rather than paddling for dear life.


The only way to know if you're world-class at something is to spend a few decades working on it. But if you do spend a few decades working on something, you will almost definitely be world-class at it.

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