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Stories change more minds than data.


Being talented is like getting a 5-minute head start to a marathon.


Writing online isn’t about proving how smart you are, it’s about: - showing others how much time you’ve spent to grok a particular topic - saving them time and mistakes Anyone can do it.


I think I’ve changed more minds since I stopped trying to.


Leverage comes from being able to say no. Profitability allows you to say no to everything. Profitability gives you infinite leverage.


If you can say the same thing in fewer words, do that. Run your ideas through a lossless data compression algorithm for maximum efficiency and impact.


If you're building software or creating content, remember: You'll never know the full amount of the positive impact you've had on other people's lives. But you will become quite familiar with most of the negative ones.


The potential impact of a good action grows exponentially over time. You never know whose life you will radically transform with some words you write or a product you build. And the impact they will now have on other people. And what *those* people will now do for others...

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