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Most CEOs are CEOs because they started the businesses they run - not because they are abnormally smart or qualified. Often they’re the least qualified people in the company, since they’re the only ones who didn’t go through an interview process.


Write like your audience is smart and busy.


Best way to learn is to be the dumbest person in the room. Best way to guarantee you'll be the dumbest person in the room is to start a company.


Don't write because you're smart. Write because you're stupid and have something to learn.


How to surround yourself with smart, hard-working people: be smart and hard-working.


Experiences that make you feel dumb make you smart.


If you’re going to spend time disagreeing, disagree with smart people you respect about topics you really care about.


Startups should be scary, not dangerous. Scary: pivoting, getting critical feedback, managing people smarter than yourself Dangerous: raking up credit card debt, sacrificing your health and wellbeing


Smart people ask stupid questions.


Being funny is harder than being smart.


Writing online isn’t about proving how smart you are, it’s about: - showing others how much time you’ve spent to grok a particular topic - saving them time and mistakes Anyone can do it.


You get smart by working hard.


Stupid people credit being smart. Smart people credit being lucky.


If you tweet dumb things the smart things will seem smarter.


There’s no objective way to measure “smartness” yet it’s often the first thing we use when describing someone.

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