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Do something before there's a name for it.


An entrepreneur not willing to disclose their ideas is like a comedian not willing to tell any jokes.


Broke: I'm not going to tell anyone my ideas because someone will steal them and build it. Woke: I'm going to tell everyone my ideas because someone will steal it and I won't even have to build it myself.


Ideas are not worthless, they are just hard to monetize without great execution.


Maybe the main reason I write/build/create is to get an idea out of my head so that I can just stop thinking about it. A side effect: I doesn't matter if the idea succeeds or fails, because the goal is to just make more room in my head.


Don’t hold back your best ideas because you don’t think you’ll be able to do them justice yet. Your current “best ideas” will lead to bester ideas.


Those who struggle with inspiration should just take the crappy ideas they have and make them happen. The best way to have ideas is to have ideas, and the best path to the good ideas is through the bad ones. Plus, good ideas often look crappy, and crappy ideas often look good.


Physically manifesting an idea is a great way to find out if you really understand it. Think you know? Write it down. Think you see? Draw it. More than the words or the drawing, you'll have a list of concepts you don't understand well enough to communicate it effectively.


If you can say the same thing in fewer words, do that. Run your ideas through a lossless data compression algorithm for maximum efficiency and impact.


Train your brain to come up with good ideas, by coming up with good ideas.


Saying one thing is good doesn’t mean you believe the opposite idea is bad. The opposite of a good idea is often another good idea.


Top two things I've learned from writing fiction: 1. You're writing entertainment first. If it's not entertaining, readers won't make it to your ideas. 2. Readers need a character to root for. Someone they like but wouldn't want to be. Both can be applied to non-fiction too!


No one cares about your idea more than you do. So, you're going to have to put in the work to make it happen.


Some ideas work best when completed in the mind of the listener/reader/viewer/investor. That way, it's their idea too.

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