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I think the #1 reason startups fail is the founders run out of energy.


Founders with 1,000 employees: "I wish we were 100 employees again." Founders with 100 employees: "I wish we were 10 again." Founders with 10 employees: "I wish we were just 2 again." Two co-founders who just closed their first round of funding: "We can't wait!"


First-time founders care most about product. Second-time founders care most about distribution.


The commonly cited 70% failure rate is only so high because founders and investors are trying to reach a certain scale in a certain amount of time. If you are willing to spend 10+ years to build a sustainable business that matters, your odds of success go way up.


You only have to write one really great thing to be known as a great writer. You only have to build one really great company to be known as a great founder. If you are consistent over decades, it seems almost inevitable!


It's a great time to implement: - No meetings - No deadlines - No goals - No "core" working hours - No expectations on response times


There are plenty of famous, successful founders who: - Raised money that made them rich on paper - Used their disposable income and accredited status to invest in their friends’ startups - Became multi-millionaires from those returns - Got nothing from their own startup


Early employees make good founders because they know what early employees want. Founders make good investors because they know what founders want.


The best way to find a technical cofounder is to become one yourself.


Everyone talks about product-market fit but more essential is founder-customer fit.


Everyone has an agenda. I prefer being open about mine so that people can self-select if they want to work with me. Many don't...that's okay! Everyone deserves to work with people whose agendas align with theirs. It makes building stuff a lot easier.


The quality of a company’s employees is much more predictive of its success than the quality of its founders and investors.


What's the difference between a startup and a business? Nothing. Call your company whatever makes you more excited about building it.


A startup reflects its founders much like the dogs in cartoons reflect their owners.


Somewhere along the way... Celebrities became influencers. Serial entrepreneurs became repeat founders. Coders became software engineers. UI/UX became product design. The same, but different.


Most founders could get better at giving positive feedback. "What's the point in giving non-critical feedback?" The realization that helped me the most: many good decisions are made on accident, and highlighting them can ensure they won't be reversed in a later iteration.

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