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Your first 100 customers will come through cold emails and warm intros. The next 1,000 will come from their referrals. You’ll reach 10,000 as your product slowly becomes the default for a use case. And 100,000 when it’s the default for a whole industry.


Build a product to solve your own problem. That way you'll have at least one user – more than most startups ever get.


Too much focus on finding 1,000 true fans. Not enough focus on finding your 1 true believer. An audience is great – but more often it's a first client, a first boss, a first investor, a first employee, or a first customer that fundamentally changes the trajectory of your career.


Building a product for others: - Starting with zero customers - Painfully slow feedback loop - Customers don’t tell you what they really want Building a product for yourself: - Starting with one customer - you! - Infinitely fast feedback loop - Little to no miscommunication


If you’re having a hard time: - Raising money - Hiring people - Getting customers The problem may not be in your ability to fundraise, hire, or sell. Those are symptoms. The problem is probably more fundamental: lack of growth, lack of product-market fit, you.


Of all forms of marketing, outrage has the lowest customer acquisition cost.


The less you need something, the easier it is to get: raising money, hiring great people, customers, and more.

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