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How to be a better engineer: work with great engineers. How to be a better founder: spend time with great founders. How to be happier: surround yourself with happy people.


The farther away a problem is, the easier it looks to solve. The closer you get, the more respect you'll have for the people working on it. But the only way to fully empathize is to work on the problem yourself.


Society would be better off if we gave people more credit for trying and less credit for succeeding.


How to surround yourself with smart, hard-working people: be smart and hard-working.


Successful people: - Have an environment that removes the need for willpower. - Seek and implement critical feedback. - Put themselves in uncomfortable situations. - Spend more time as students than teachers.


Don't try to change "the world." Change your world. Your community's world. The worlds of your loved ones. "The world" can be a distraction.


There's often more to learn from the person next to you on the journey than someone far ahead.


Surround yourself with people who are successful. One way to do that is to help the people around you succeed.


People only recognize the luck they’re able to respond to. If you’re more prepared, better networked, and have optionality - you will be more lucky.

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