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Degrees are not useful. Skills are.


College has never been more expensive, education has never been cheaper.


Education is necessary. School is not.


Don’t sell, educate. Don’t network, make friends. Don’t try to grow your audience, create value for your existing audience.


Your high school GPA only matters until you have a college degree. Your college degree matters until you get your first job. Your next thing should render everything else on your resume insignificant.


A school you pay to learn. A good job pays you to learn.


Perhaps “smart” people are just a good fit for the few education systems we have. If we had thousands of different education systems, we might have 1000x more “smart” people.


A Harvard acceptance letter is worth almost as much as a Harvard degree and costs 0% as much.


You can make a full-time living doing whatever you want, as long as you can create entertaining and educational content about it.


In the future we’ll pay teachers, practitioners, and artists directly to learn, gain credibility, and build a network, instead of universities.


Your GPA should never be the most interesting thing about you.


Make your audience happy, motivated, and informed, by making your content entertaining, inspiring, and educational.


Being "self-taught" is not a credential. You can go to school, but you're still in charge of your own learning. And 99% of your growth as a professional will happen after you graduate anyways.

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