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People don't want to use your software. They want to lose weight, laugh, be entertained, get smarter, spend time with loved ones, go home on time, sleep adequately, eat good food, be happy. Your product is only as good as the experiences it enables people to have.


Your customers don't care about your product, they care about their problems.


Customers have more money than VCs do.


Your first 100 customers will come through cold emails and warm intros. The next 1,000 will come from their referrals. You’ll reach 10,000 as your product slowly becomes the default for a use case. And 100,000 when it’s the default for a whole industry.


Great customer support will get you: - A cult following - A better product through customer feedback - A humbled team It might be more important than having a great product!


There are a lot more people who want problems solved than people who want to solve them.


The most important question is "what problem does my customer have?" The second-most important question is "why haven't they solved it yet?"


“How do you stay motivated?” Find an audience! Find customers! Once you have those, you will stop asking. Being able to help people is better motivation than any routine, plan, or life hack.


The best way to save money is to build a high-quality product. - Quality means your customers sell: less salespeople - Quality means your product has fewer issues: less customer service - Quality means your product does more with less: less engineers


Figure out how your customers can share your product for you. No one can sell your product better than someone who has already paid for it.


Do not improve your product based on the feedback of those who do not use your product. Improve your product by talking to the people who already use your product, but aren't in love with it. Reward early adopters, who in turn will reward you with more users.


A CEO doing customer support is either a great leading indicator of startup success or a great leading indicator of startup failure.


If it was truly “direct to consumer” you wouldn’t have a customer acquisition cost greater than a customer’s lifetime value.


Getting angry support tickets sucks, but it's also an incredible accomplishment. It means you've built something deeply important to people.

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