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I talk to creators every week who feel guity for making money. A few things: - People pay for value, not time spent - It may have taken an hour, but it took years to get to the point where it took an hour. - Many others can do what you're doing. You're actually doing it!


On the internet, they say: 1% create 9% contribute 90% consume All it takes is to start contributing and you'll have a 10x advantage over everyone else. Create and it'll be 90x.


In SF I learned: the best VCs don’t really know what’s going to take off. In LA I learned: the best producers don’t really know what’s going to be a hit. Don’t chase success. Create what you think should exist. No one knows until everyone knows–and by then it’s too late.


Great software is created by people passionate about problems–not software.


A creator is a scientist, an artist, and a businessperson in one.


Either a robot or a creator will take your job.


You can make a full-time living doing whatever you want, as long as you can create entertaining and educational content about it.


How to be a successful creator: Help people. Help people help people. Help people help people help people.


Creators often say they're scared of putting themselves out there. What we tell them: Think of the dumb tweets you read last week. Think of the meh paintings. Think of the stupid videos. Can't remember any? Neither will anyone else, about you. Just get started!


If you really appreciate a product existing, tell its creators. They may not know. They may feel like giving up. Your note might make their day, and maybe even provide them with the energy to keep going!


If you want to make some of the best stuff ever made, you have to say no to consuming some of the best stuff ever made.


A characteristic I've started to notice in most successful creators, artists, and founders: curiosity that overrides fear.


If you're building software or creating content, remember: You'll never know the full amount of the positive impact you've had on other people's lives. But you will become quite familiar with most of the negative ones.


Tweets are appetizers, small and experimental. Blog posts are main courses, consistent and relatively safe. Books are tasting menus. You trust the creator and lean into whatever narrative is given to you.


Influencers are the new entrepreneurs. Creators are the new inventors. And everyone is a politician.


"No code" isn't just about helping non-coders build things. It's also about helping coders build things. Some of our top creators are incredibly competent engineers who don't want to deal with payments, fraud, VAT, and other burdens that come with selling stuff online.

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