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Everyone loves remote work until they realize 7 billion people will soon be competing for the job they have.


If you want less competition, pick a harder problem.


Competing with everyone: $10/hr Competing with a few: $100/hr Selling a product: $1,000/hr Building equity: $10,000/hr Making a market: $100,000/hr


Falling sick reminds you that the largest competitive advantage you can have is being healthy.


I think getting eight hours of sleep a night is a competitive advantage.


Focus on your customers not your competition.


Being happy is a competitive advantage.


Your major competitive advantage is likely something you like doing that most other people don’t.


You don't have to outwork your competition, but you do have to outlearn them.


The longer you wait for it to become easier, the more competition you will have.


The only person worth competing against is who you were yesterday.


Compete with your own track record.


A side effect of remote work is that it minimizes the implicitly competitive nature of startups: You no longer compete with each other to hire the same few people. You no longer compete for the same real estate, driving prices up. Going more remote means less frenemies.

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