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Build the necessary first, then the useful, then the nice.


I think people should do less research before building an idea, not more. It’s much easier to find reasons not to do something, than to find reasons to do it. Too much research will kill the enthusiasm behind any idea, especially the ones that end up changing the world.


Competing with everyone: $10/hr Competing with a few: $100/hr Selling a product: $1,000/hr Building equity: $10,000/hr Making a market: $100,000/hr


Build things you wish people built for you.


Easy to hate. Hard to create.


You will discover the business you should build when you start to build the business you thought you should build.


Build for everyone and you build for no one. Build for one person and you build for thousands.


What can you write that no one else can write? Write that. What can you say that no one else can say? Say that. What can you build that no one else can build? Build that.


Build a product to solve your own problem. That way you'll have at least one user – more than most startups ever get.


Knowledge comes from reading, listening, watching. Wisdom comes from applying this knowledge: writing, making, building.


Build many things to find the one you should have been building all along.


It takes building a business to learn how to build a business.


Broke: I'm not going to tell anyone my ideas because someone will steal them and build it. Woke: I'm going to tell everyone my ideas because someone will steal it and I won't even have to build it myself.


You can't make what you don't measure. If you want to read more books, lose weight, save money, call your parents more frequently, Start measuring.


Building products, writing, and painting are not mental excercises, they are physical ones. Reading to improve is like watching someone else workout – it does almost nothing for you. To run better, run. To paint better, paint. To write better, write. To build better, build.


You only have to write one really great thing to be known as a great writer. You only have to build one really great company to be known as a great founder. If you are consistent over decades, it seems almost inevitable!


It doesn’t really matter what kind of exercise you do, it matters that you exercise. It doesn’t really matter what you write about, it matters that you write. It doesn’t really matter what you build, it matters that you start building. Just start!


It takes a village to raise a child; it takes a community to build a business.


If you don’t fix what’s not broken, you won’t build anything great.


Easy to make fun of people. Hard to make something for people.


Don't focus on how great or terrible the things you're making today are, but on how much better they will be if you keep going. The best thing you could write, paint, or build today will pale in comparison to the worst thing you could write, paint, or build in ten years.


Making something simple can be incredibly complicated.


Maybe the main reason I write/build/create is to get an idea out of my head so that I can just stop thinking about it. A side effect: I doesn't matter if the idea succeeds or fails, because the goal is to just make more room in my head.


There are times when you should write, work, build, draw every spare second. And there are times when doing nothing is the most productive thing you can do.


If you're building software or creating content, remember: You'll never know the full amount of the positive impact you've had on other people's lives. But you will become quite familiar with most of the negative ones.


Make something people will pay for.


Painting has helped me understand how I see. Writing has helped me understand how I think. Building has helped me understand what I care about.


The potential impact of a good action grows exponentially over time. You never know whose life you will radically transform with some words you write or a product you build. And the impact they will now have on other people. And what *those* people will now do for others...


If you’re not busy chasing unicorns, you can build a very, very fast horse. And most of the time, customers do want faster horses. Not everyone can invent the car.


Start by contributing: - Add your take to a thread - Write fan fiction - Help someone build their company Then contribute by starting: - Start conversations - Write a novel - Start your own company


If building a business is scary, build an app. If building an app is scary, build a toy.


Building the perfect product is like drawing a perfect circle. Impossible, but still worth striving for.


If you really want something to exist, but it seems like no one else does, make it anyways. I promise you a thousand other people were thinking exactly what you just were, and did what you *almost* did: nothing.


Moore's Law says that computers get twice as fast every two years. I think there's a similar curve that applies to tech startups: they get twice as cheap to build and scale every X years. (I don't know what X is, though.)


There's no better way to improve than performing live. Want to be funny? Go to an open mic. Want to write well? Hit publish. Want to build better? Work on a product with passionate users. It won't get much easier, but you will get better.

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