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Spend less time convincing people, more time finding people who are already convinced.


Don’t sell, educate. Don’t network, make friends. Don’t try to grow your audience, create value for your existing audience.


Write like your audience is smart and busy.


Build a product to solve your own problem. That way you'll have at least one user – more than most startups ever get.


People underrate how much of building an audience at the start happens one-by-one. Stop trying to go “viral” and help the people around you out.


Technology depreciates over time. Content appreciates over time. Create both.


Getting fit is free. Learning virtually any skill is free. Building an audience is free. Free doesn’t mean easy, nor quick. But it does mean anyone can do it.


Great customer support will get you: - A cult following - A better product through customer feedback - A humbled team It might be more important than having a great product!


Turn your time into skill. Your skill into authority. Your authority into an audience. Your audience into an income. Your income into freedom. And your freedom into others’.


“How do you stay motivated?” Find an audience! Find customers! Once you have those, you will stop asking. Being able to help people is better motivation than any routine, plan, or life hack.


There’s never been a better time to build an audience.


Make your audience happy, motivated, and informed, by making your content entertaining, inspiring, and educational.


If being true to yourself will alienate 99% of people, you will only have 70,000,000 potential supporters.


The best way to build your audience is to give good stuff away for free.


Everyone on stage has been in the audience.

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