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Sahil Lavingia

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If being true to yourself will alienate 99% of people, you will only have 70,000,000 potential supporters.


Startups are more boring than you think. And the more successful, the more boring.

#being correct

I'd rather be an optimist and wrong than a pessimist and right.


It’s interesting that so many essential workers are paid minimum wage, and so many non-essential workers are paid far more.


Friendship = vulnerability × time.


Ideas are not worthless, they are just hard to monetize without great execution.


A one-dimensional identity puts all of your happiness in one basket. Fill your life with friends, family, lore, love, books, hobbies, exercise, art... Diversify your identity and you'll always have something to be happy about!


If you can say the same thing in fewer words, do that. Run your ideas through a lossless data compression algorithm for maximum efficiency and impact.

#how to pich

"Make money online" sounded scammy until I realized that defines the pitch of most startups. We use software and the internet to help people earn money so that they can have more freedom and time to do what they really want. That's pretty cool!


If building a business is scary, build an app. If building an app is scary, build a toy.


The path to simplicity goes through complexity.


Co-located teams move much faster than fully remote, asynchronous teams. But they spend far more money per feature shipped. The speed is often worth the cost in the early days, and less so over time as scalability and stability take priority.

#quality over quantity

The best way to save money is to build a high-quality product. - Quality means your customers sell: less salespeople - Quality means your product has fewer issues: less customer service - Quality means your product does more with less: less engineers


Do not improve your product based on the feedback of those who do not use your product. Improve your product by talking to the people who already use your product, but aren't in love with it. Reward early adopters, who in turn will reward you with more users.


There is a new focus on remote work, but I think it's just a stepping stone towards something much more interesting: flexible work. Step one: Work wherever you want Step two: Work as little or as much as you want