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I work for the Internet, at @stripe, mostly on accelerating startups. Opinions here are my own.

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Founding a funded startup which doesn’t work out largely does not and should not irreversibly damage the founders’ finances. We should stop implying this is routine and stop valorizing courses of action which increase likelihood of it happening, like not taking salary.


One reason some startups exist: how do you allocate engineers to problems where incumbents either can’t achieve organizational conviction to allocate engineers or couldn’t attract sufficiently productive engineers to matter.


Realized some people don’t know this: It is fairly common for founders to give money as a gift to parents or other family members and have them immediately invest the money in a new company, at a very low valuation. This is not to fund the company but rather to assist family.


Bullying unfortunately has great product/market fit, particularly when you call it something else.


One of the ongoing searches in startupdom is for: * a new form of economic production * of something which is widely produced and consumed * where the alternative’s price is high enough to compete with producer’s BATNA * and production largely not yet monetized


I think one could do a brisk business in a newsletter where you just cover the heck out of annual reports in a sector and then sell the back catalog for a lot more than newsletters typically go for.

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