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Naval Ravikant quotes on technology

Indian-American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of AngelList.

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Tulips are not durable, not scarce, not programmable, not fungible, not verifiable, not divisible, and hard to transfer.


Technology destroys jobs and replaces them with opportunities.


It’s hard to see how credit cards survive at all as Apple Pay and Google Pay spread. Biometrics and location ID make mobile wallets fraud-free. Merchants eliminate fraud, consumers get cash back. Authentication is the new Payments. Your new credit card is just you.


⬆️ Environment, localism, borders, guns, DIY, right to try, science, tech, remote/gig work, universal healthcare, hygiene, autonomy. ⬇️ Urbanization, offices, globalism, mass transport, open borders, bureaucrats, 9-5, Feds. Tech-savvy farmers rising, urban socialites falling.


Blockchains are now sucking in top-tier Silicon Valley tech talent faster than any boom since the Internet.


Engineers are leveraged creatives who generate repeatable solutions to practical problems. Engineering automation increases leverage, productivity, and the scope of problems that engineers can tackle. Until we become Gods, society has unlimited demand for creative engineers.


Crypto is the greatest videogame ever created. Play 24/7 with everyone in the world, directly from your phone. New challengers, meme wars, and MONEY. Every new player has to pay off all of the existing ones.


Building technology means you don’t have to choose between practicing science, commerce, and art.


Anything in your pockets that’s not a smartphone will be replaced by the smartphone.


People once thought that AOL would beat the open web. Permissionless programmability and uncensorability seemed unimportant. Don’t bet against a distributed army of self-interested programmers.


Nothing will unlock as much value for humanity as moving technology innovation from Silicon Valley into the cloud.


If they can train you to do it, then eventually they will train a computer to do it.


The most powerful permissionless tools are the spoken word, the written word, mathematics, and the computer. An irresistible stack of leverage for the ambitious creative.


A firm is just a "nexus of contracts." Payroll contracts with employees, profit contracts with shareholders, debt contracts with lenders, delivery contracts with customers, tax contracts with the state. Blockchain-based "smart" contracts will eventually reinvent the firm.


There’s no investment where money works as hard as it does in a tech startup. Driven founders, leveraged with code, capital, media, and intellect, sweating every dollar spent. An enlightened society would educate investors, not restrict them.


It’s increasingly clear that the wealth and power of any given nation state will be proportional to its ability to create and utilize new technology.


Perhaps any algorithm that can influence large masses of voters should be open source.


If it’s not going to be completely and utterly decentralized, it doesn’t need a blockchain.


Consumer tech works best when it’s completely horizontal or deeply vertical. Multi-vertical out of the gate usually fails. Once you nail the first vertical, you can expand to others. As a friend put it, “people want oranges and people want lemons, but nobody wants a citrus.”


When the email hosts, the web hosts, the domain registrars, the banks, the payment systems, the censors and the politicians crack down on crypto... only then will we see the true power of decentralization.


This may be the last generation that has a powerful tool like the Internet, and the focused attention span to do deep work.


Online payments will follow password storage and contacts to become a core mobile OS feature, rather than remain with third parties. Sensors, biometrics, and browser integration all reduce fraud, increase convenience, and enable new features. Software eats consumer banking.


The top two skillsets for blockchain entrepreneurs, in order: Technology development. Community development. That’s it.


The Internet evolved media from physical to digital, from paid to free, from editorial to social. Next up: from corporate to ownerless.


Technology is not only the thing that moves the human race forward, but it’s the only thing that ever has. Without technology, we’re just monkeys playing in the dirt.


Correctly or incorrectly, the ICO frenzy is rerouting all available innovation in the tech ecosystem into blockchain protocols.


Encryption is that rare technology that favors the defender over the attacker. The foundation for human rights in the modern age.


We were promised material abundance, but instead we got digital scarcity. (nanotech vs. blockchains)


Technology leads society, not the other way around. And tech comes from science & math. New scientific breakthroughs lead to new societies.


Technology and trade consolidate production and democratize consumption. The best in the world at anything gets to do it for everyone.


People weren't scared of software until fundraising entrepreneurs rebranded everything as "A.I." Anthropomorphizing automation creates a definitive "it" to resist.


Internet Phase 1 replaced offline gatekeepers w/ thin online ones. Phase 2 will replace gatekeepers altogether w/ cryptoeconomic protocols.


The Internet demolished middlemen and replaced them with thin monopolies. But blockchains may liberate us from intermediaries altogether.


Most coins wouldn’t exist if Bitcoin and Ethereum had incentives for future development built into the core protocol.


Blockchain engineering is more inclusive by age because you don't have to pack up your life and move to San Francisco to raise money.


It’s possible that both censorship-resistant sound money and permissionlessly-programmable computing platforms are going to be huge.


Crypto may be an industry that is more valuable with a small set of users that don’t attract nation-state attention than a with a large set who do.


Technology is the application of knowledge to control the natural world. It's the greatest driver of both human prosperity and our capacity for self-annihilation.


The endpoint of drone technology is guided bullets.


Blockchains, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Genomics, Autonomous's good to see tech business returning to its tech roots.


Technology democratizes consumption but consolidates production. The best person in the world for anything, gets to do it for everyone.


Nations are trying to birth the next Silicon Valley when they can simply buy the next generation of Internet protocols on open markets.


Society, business & money are downstream of technology, which is itself downstream of science. Science applied is the engine of humanity.


Blockchains are a mechanism to coordinate all of society to develop and spread the next generation of Internet technology.


If you think mass government surveillance doesn't matter, wait until the tech exists for a personal drone to watch you 24/7, just in case.


Everyone who has a mortgage on real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area is already a leveraged technology investor.


The advanced concepts in a field are novel, less proven. We use them to signal insider knowledge, but we'd be better off nailing the basics.


Ironic that the most monetizeable code in the world is now open source (running on blockchains). OSS has the best business model.


Technological progress is a race between increasing the consciousness of civilization and the destructive power available to an individual.


A general attitude towards all non-military, hard-science technology development: “Thank you and please hurry up.”

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