Naval Ravikant

Naval Ravikant quotes on tech industry

Indian-American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of AngelList.

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Your company may not be in the software business, but eventually, a software company will be in your business.


Blockchains are now sucking in top-tier Silicon Valley tech talent faster than any boom since the Internet.


People once thought that AOL would beat the open web. Permissionless programmability and uncensorability seemed unimportant. Don’t bet against a distributed army of self-interested programmers.


If you wanted to boost tech adoption and media consumption, you couldn’t come up with a better scheme than placing everyone under house arrest.


The lockdowns are intensely pro-tech. They forcibly accelerate tech adoption and cure the industry of its collective addiction to industrial-era offices.


If it’s not going to be completely and utterly decentralized, it doesn’t need a blockchain.


Tech companies will eventually displace the majority of the Fortune 500. Competing without software is like competing without electricity.


The people pushing tech companies to exercise censorship are the same people who will push to have the companies regulated for their power later.


Tech companies are always either busy disrupting or busy being disrupted. Any rest-stop is a mirage.


People weren't scared of software until fundraising entrepreneurs rebranded everything as "A.I." Anthropomorphizing automation creates a definitive "it" to resist.


Internet connectors of simple user-gen digital content (SoundCloud, Patreon, YouTube, Twitter) are vulnerable to decentralized competition.


The crypto startups are showing that the last barrier to distributed startups is the geographic concentration of venture capital.


It’s possible that both censorship-resistant sound money and permissionlessly-programmable computing platforms are going to be huge.


Blockchains, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Genomics, Autonomous's good to see tech business returning to its tech roots.


Coming up: the scarcest resource in the tech industry is going to be cryptographers.


Today's social media, payment, identity, & application platforms will ultimately be replaced by distributed, uncensorable, open source ones.


The nice thing about tech company cultures is that there are so many completely different ones to choose from.


"Digital Gold" seems like a nonsense concept. The most solid thing turned into the most ephemeral.


Telecoms nationalized over stifling innovation. Bell Labs created to counter narrative. Tech monopolies face similar battle over censorship.

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