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Indian-American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of AngelList.

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The goal of media is to make every problem, your problem.


All social media oligopolists, not just TikTok, should open their recommendation algorithms to scrutiny. They are programming our minds and our societies.


Looking across Twitter, it’s obvious that most people enjoy outrage, conflict, and drama.


Twitter is television for intellectuals.


Social media favors socialists.


If Twitter did ever end up representing the real world, the world would end.


How to tweet: 1. Write the essay. 2. Write the tweet summarizing the essay. 3. Delete the essay.


Every single tweet costs nothing and has the potential to reach the entire world. It’s the best lottery ever made.


Twitter is a much better resumé than LinkedIn.


The Art of Twitter is to communicate compressed knowledge with clarity and precision.


To maximize distribution, minimize the message. • Books - blog posts • Podcasts - snippets • Blog posts - tweetstorms • Use stand-alone tweets in tweetstorms • Tweet sparingly - high signal, low noise Readers have options - respect their time.


Twitter is the only social network that connects people over ideas rather than over pre-existing relationships.


Social media lowers the cost of raising & joining mobs. Per the Minority Rule, the most intolerant wins. Mobs replace conversations with extremism. Journalists, politicians, & society follow. We can raise the cost up with software to expose and block the perpetually outraged.


There’s no investment where money works as hard as it does in a tech startup. Driven founders, leveraged with code, capital, media, and intellect, sweating every dollar spent. An enlightened society would educate investors, not restrict them.


Compare the popularity of podcasts, tweets, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, to blogs and books, to see how rare genuine readers are.


Wondering how long until social media induced mental illnesses start getting recognized and treated.


If Facebook or Twitter decide to engage in censorship, then it's time to scrutinize their monopoly status.


Social media makes it easier to organize people, so the motivated people are organizing digital mobs.


The Internet lowers the returns to distributing facts, while social media increases the returns to distributing signaling goods.


Twitter Rules: Praise specifically, criticize generally. Don't respond to negativity. Say it as if to their face. Be original. Don't debate.


Twitter is a way to broadcast messages to hundreds of millions of people to find the few dozen that you actually want to talk to.


The Internet evolved media from physical to digital, from paid to free, from editorial to social. Next up: from corporate to ownerless.


Social media turns ideas into a popularity contest. Real creativity dissents from the status quo. Social media may slow the progress of the species.


The best accounts on Twitter are anonymous. The worst accounts on Twitter are anonymous.


Don’t debate people in the media when you can debate them in the marketplace.


Perhaps social media has a propensity to foment revolutions and civil wars.


The profile picture is the logo for your Twitter brand. Pick a unique picture that's recognizable from a distance, and don't change it. It'll stand out in a pile of mentions and allow busy accounts to notice and remember you.


Wonder if Twitter has the highest average IQ, and therefore the lowest ad revenue of the major social networks.


The value of Twitter rises with more followers, even as the experience of Twitter degrades.


Twitter has a de-facto monopoly on text-based broadcast social media. Intellectually lazy to overlook this while supporting censorship.


Private votes on Twitter polls are more accurate indicators of follower sentiment than public likes, retweets, and comments.


Not liking how Twitter ranks replies on threads by blue checkmarks above others. Often the least on point. Attention seekers by definition.


A decentralized, blockchain-based Twitter would be a permanent bastion for free speech and human freedom.


Twitter is the last proprietary platform that I will invest energy into. Future media should be open-source, distributed, & user controlled.


Turkey is the (current) poster child for why the world needs distributed, anonymous, encrypted, and un-censorable social media.


Social media + clickbait journalism have metastasized into permanently outraged lynch mobs roaming the Internet, cowing people into silence.


As an art form, Twitter is like poetry - every word counts.


Social media took down gov'ts from Egypt to the US. Of course it'll be censored - until the arrival of decentralized (ownerless) media.


Social media increases the returns to intolerance.


I love Twitter for the same reason that I love poetry - every word matters.


Twitter has become a great source for discovering intellectual friends.


In the court of social media, context is inadmissible.


Tip for tweetstorms - write each tweet in such a way that it stands alone.


Twitter is a clever trap for public figures. It gets them invested in a platform where they can't disable or moderate the comments section.


A future society will be better served by un-censorable, distributed, open-source social media protocols.


Today's social media, payment, identity, & application platforms will ultimately be replaced by distributed, uncensorable, open source ones.


The ability to select our own media is making us more partisan and divided. Wait until VR lets us select our own reality.


A tweet about Twitter is almost cheating. It’s the one thing everyone on Twitter is interested in, so it has the highest spread potential.


Journalist biases are much easier to spot on Twitter. When they only have 140 characters, they can't be subtle.


Twitter's current policies are hastening the day that governments will regulate and control it as a utility.

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