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Naval Ravikant quotes on relationships

Indian-American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of AngelList.

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The modern mental illness is anxiety. The symptom is inability to fall asleep. The evidence is pills, meditation apps, opioids, and sleep trackers. The causes are oversocialization and overstimulation.


Be like family to your friends, a friend to strangers, and a stranger to your enemies.


If your opinions line up neatly with those of your friends and colleagues, they’re not your opinions.


It’s becoming easier and easier to be social, but exceptional people are built in solitude.


In physical domains (diet, workouts), consistency is king. In intellectual and social domains, wins are rare, sudden, and nonlinear - 99% of effort is “wasted.” Once we find our ideal spouse, career, friends, we realize how much time we squandered by not moving on sooner.


Working with a friend can cost both a business and a friendship. It can work if the friendship came after working together. It won’t work if the friendship came before and competence is merely assumed.


Smart partners negotiate fair deals because they know that lopsided deals are fragile and that most value accumulates in long term trust relationships. You can tell a lot about a potential partner by their opening offer.


Giving unconditional love is just as good as getting it.


The virus doesn’t change who your friends are, it reveals who your friends are.


The best relationships are peer relationships. When given power over others, our ego justifies it by assuming we are smarter. Better to have people work with us than for us. Better motivated on the wrong thing than unmotivated on the right thing. Debate rather than dictate.


Watching TV side-by-side is not a relationship.


Twitter is the only social network that connects people over ideas rather than over pre-existing relationships.


The selfish reason to be ethical is that it attracts the other ethical people in the network.


Sophisticated foods are bittersweet (wine, beer, coffee, chocolate). Addictive relationships are cooperative and competitive. Work becomes flow at the limits of ability. The flavor of life is on the edge.


We feel guilt when we no longer want to associate with old friends and colleagues who haven’t changed. The price, and marker, of growth.


If you're capable, you can do business with sharks. But the attitude and habits that you develop will scare away honest partners later.


When working, surround yourself with people more successful than you. When playing, surround yourself with people happier than you.


Kids only pick fights with kids of their age and size. We only make enemies that we’re capable of taking on. Goes to show how fictional and chosen our “enemies” are.


Your closest friends are the ones you can have a relationship with about nothing.


The relationships most worth cultivating are those between peers with mutual respect. The rest are unstable over long timescales.


"Trying" is the biggest mistake you can make early on in a relationship. It sets a false expectation that you will eventually tire of.


You can approximate how independent of a thinker you are by noticing how neatly your political beliefs line up with those of your party.


We thought the Internet would unite humanity. Perhaps first it'll cluster people by groups and break nations built across tribal boundaries.


If friends spoke to us like politicians and actors, reading aloud scripts written by others, we wouldn't take them seriously as individuals.


Twitter has become a great source for discovering intellectual friends.


Friend graphs (FB, LI) are declining in strategic value as mobile contact list takes over. Stranger graphs (IG, TWTR) maintain full value.


The combinatorics of human DNA and experience are staggering. You will never meet any two humans who are substitutable for each other.

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