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Naval Ravikant quotes on politics

Indian-American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of AngelList.

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Looking forward to the emergence of a mainstream political movement that is pro-science, pro-technology, and pro-environment.


Every institution that distributes money, power, or status eventually becomes corrupted. Democracy and free-market capitalism work by enforcing constant competition between political and economic institutions. The faster the turnover, the lower the corruption.


Bitcoin is insurance against politicians.


Lots of people confuse their political outlook with their economic outlook. The next few years look all set for an economic boom.


The actual political shift is that America is going from two political parties run by the elites to two political parties (temporarily) run by the masses.


Plot twist: Hand-shaking septuagenarian politicians are driven to extinction by zoonotic viruses, and a youthful generation takes over. 🤔


Social media took down gov'ts from Egypt to the US. Of course it'll be censored - until the arrival of decentralized (ownerless) media.


You can approximate how independent of a thinker you are by noticing how neatly your political beliefs line up with those of your party.


Political views can be expensive. When what you want to be true diverges from what is true, you'll make bad life decisions.


Political establishment are middlemen between the voters and governance. See what the Internet did to other middlemen, for a sneak preview.


The real test of a fact checking apparatus is that you should let your political enemies run it...because eventually, they will.


Surprised other countries haven't adopted the American Constitution wholesale. Much of world is run by tyrants, w/ little hope for liberty.


Tiny groups with benevolent dictators and easy entrance / exit as a form of government.


Despite press efforts to create a narrative, Silicon Valley is not a monolithic political entity any more than Washington DC is.


Turkey follows Venezuela as elected autocrat seizes power. Real democracy is not majority rule, but protection of minority rights.


A democracy with a draft for all citizens, no exceptions, and mandatory service for politicians and their children, would fight less wars.


Cultural conservatism is dead as a national political force. There isn't a single cultural conservative on the Presidential ballot.

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