Naval Ravikant

Naval Ravikant quotes on leverage

Indian-American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of AngelList.

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Every single tweet costs nothing and has the potential to reach the entire world. It’s the best lottery ever made.


Engineers are leveraged creatives who generate repeatable solutions to practical problems. Engineering automation increases leverage, productivity, and the scope of problems that engineers can tackle. Until we become Gods, society has unlimited demand for creative engineers.


In an older society with few resources and mechanical work, the scheduled life is the most productive. In a modern society with permissionless leverage and creative work, the unscheduled life is the most productive.


Proven community builders are even rarer and higher-leveraged than proven developers and designers. There’s no school or playbook.


Social media lowers the cost of raising & joining mobs. Per the Minority Rule, the most intolerant wins. Mobs replace conversations with extremism. Journalists, politicians, & society follow. We can raise the cost up with software to expose and block the perpetually outraged.


In an age of infinite leverage, judgement is the most important skill.


We live in an age of infinite leverage, and the economic rewards for genuine intellectual curiosity have never been higher.


An emotion is our evolved biology predicting the future impact of a current event. In modern settings, it's usually exaggerated or wrong.


Everyone who has a mortgage on real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area is already a leveraged technology investor.


Besides labor, which is fought over in the status hierarchy, leverage stems from technology. From tools to money to the printing press to the PC. The latest is the “permissionlessly-programmable network.” Starting with the open Internet and now blockchain market-networks.


It's shocking how many important life decisions I make by scouring Internet forums.

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