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Indian-American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of AngelList.

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The most valuable startup of the last decade didn’t raise money, didn’t have employees, gave away the cap table, and let anyone invest.


Investors have different incentives than founders. What investors often look for in a “great” founder is irrational behavior that the investor doesn’t engage in themselves. I.e., 80-hour weeks for 10 years, passing up a big acquisition to go for broke, zero diversification.


There’s no investment where money works as hard as it does in a tech startup. Driven founders, leveraged with code, capital, media, and intellect, sweating every dollar spent. An enlightened society would educate investors, not restrict them.


What entrepreneurs crave in investors is conviction.


Time spent honing the pitch is better spent working on the product. Good investors use your pitch to size you up, not to understand or appreciate the business.


Investors may prefer tokens over equity - tokens give direct ownership of revenue, equity may be profits trapped inside corporate structure.


Investing time/money behind someone? - Do you like them? - Can they teach you something you want to learn? - Good economics? If so, invest.


Bitcoin in its current state is probably better off without investors who can't figure out how to buy it.


Every market I've seen eventually punishes clever investors and rewards patient ones. Cryptocurrencies will be no different.


Everyone who has a mortgage on real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area is already a leveraged technology investor.


It's so much easier to imagine job destruction than job creation, that even many tech investors and workers end up quasi-socialist.


Smart IPO investors read the prospectus. Smart ICO investors read the code.


ICOs have access to the largest investor and speculator base in the world. Freed of conflicting currencies, banks, and often...regulations.

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