Naval Ravikant

Naval Ravikant quotes on innovation

Indian-American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of AngelList.

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If you want to live in the future, live in the freest place around. Because eventually, all of the innovators and creators will show up there.


Nothing will unlock as much value for humanity as moving technology innovation from Silicon Valley into the cloud.


Organization is the enemy of innovation.


Startups don’t need capital - they need signal.


Correctly or incorrectly, the ICO frenzy is rerouting all available innovation in the tech ecosystem into blockchain protocols.


Hard to stop people from buying cryptocurrencies. Ban purchases and computers will mine them out of thin air. Money = code = speech.


Tech companies are always either busy disrupting or busy being disrupted. Any rest-stop is a mirage.


Internet Phase 1 replaced offline gatekeepers w/ thin online ones. Phase 2 will replace gatekeepers altogether w/ cryptoeconomic protocols.


This bubble may still have legs. The real flood of ICOs, Innovation, and Institutions is coming.


Perhaps there is a permanent increase in the number of startups because we have innovated on the infrastructure of innovation itself.


Greatest recent innovations for Human Freedom: TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, Mozilla, Linux, BitTorrent, TOR, Bitcoin, GPG, EFF.


By creating a global, inviolable precedence stamp, the blockchain has removed the role of the state from certifying inventors and explorers.


Telecoms nationalized over stifling innovation. Bell Labs created to counter narrative. Tech monopolies face similar battle over censorship.

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