Naval Ravikant

Naval Ravikant quotes on health

Indian-American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of AngelList.

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The modern mental illness is anxiety. The symptom is inability to fall asleep. The evidence is pills, meditation apps, opioids, and sleep trackers. The causes are oversocialization and overstimulation.


The ideal school would teach health, wealth, and happiness. It‘d be free, self-paced, and available to all. It‘d show opposing ideas and students would self-verify truth. No grades, no tests, no diplomas - just learning. Actually, you’re already here. Careful who you follow.


Status games are multiplayer, zero-sum, hierarchical, judged socially. Get grades, applause, titles now - emptiness later. Natural games are single player, positive-sum, internal, judged by nature/markets. Pay in pain now - get wealth, health, knowledge, peace, family later.


Get wealthy, get healthy, get happy.


Calm the stomach. Move the body. Rest the mind.


When it comes to healing the mind, placebo effects are completely valid.


One month of consistent yoga and I feel ten years younger. To stay flexible is to stay young.

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