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Indian-American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of AngelList.

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Libra is a fine digital currency, but it’s not a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies have value precisely due to decentralization. Muddling the two may be in Libra’s interests in the short term, but is against everyone’s interests in the long term.


Blockchains are now sucking in top-tier Silicon Valley tech talent faster than any boom since the Internet.


Crypto is the greatest videogame ever created. Play 24/7 with everyone in the world, directly from your phone. New challengers, meme wars, and MONEY. Every new player has to pay off all of the existing ones.


Bitcoin is a tool for freeing humanity from oligarchs and tyrants, dressed up as a get-rich-quick scheme.


After just five years, the Crypto Financial System offers fundraising, trading, lending, derivatives, payments, contracts, insurance. Its solutions are trustless, global, extensible, and 24/7. This is the power of being able to program money without permission.


Bitcoin is insurance against politicians.


Crypto is spawning a generation of programmers that understand the fundamentals of game theory, finance, and governance.


A firm is just a "nexus of contracts." Payroll contracts with employees, profit contracts with shareholders, debt contracts with lenders, delivery contracts with customers, tax contracts with the state. Blockchain-based "smart" contracts will eventually reinvent the firm.


If it’s not going to be completely and utterly decentralized, it doesn’t need a blockchain.


Proof-of-Work electricity is the cost of decentralized currency. Inflation is the cost of centralized currency.


When the email hosts, the web hosts, the domain registrars, the banks, the payment systems, the censors and the politicians crack down on crypto... only then will we see the true power of decentralization.


It’s disheartening to see how many of the top cryptocurrencies are hand-waving, technically inept, or outright scams.


ICOs need regulation, sure, but banning ICOs altogether is a huge gift to Silicon Valley and its resident financiers.


The top two skillsets for blockchain entrepreneurs, in order: Technology development. Community development. That’s it.


Society has had multiple stores of value, as none is perfectly secure. Gold, oil, dollars, real estate, (some) bonds & equities. Crypto is the first that’s decentralized *and* digital.


Correctly or incorrectly, the ICO frenzy is rerouting all available innovation in the tech ecosystem into blockchain protocols.


Hard to stop people from buying cryptocurrencies. Ban purchases and computers will mine them out of thin air. Money = code = speech.


We were promised material abundance, but instead we got digital scarcity. (nanotech vs. blockchains)


For a purely reflexive store-of-value like Bitcoin, the underlying metric to track isn't number of transactions, it's number of believers.


The winning "store of value" cryptocurrency will be the one that is most decentralized.


Internet gave us programmable, digital abundance. Blockchains give us programmable, digital scarcity, mapping better to the real world.


The technical advantages of cryptocurrencies are bootstrap mechanisms for mass-belief. Once enough people believe in a currency, it's real.


The first countries to go to war with cryptocurrencies are those with capital controls. The two are inherently incompatible.


In the land of blockchains, developers are legislators, miners are executors, and users are judges. All are free to come and go.


Eventually, every game theory textbook will have a chapter on public blockchains.


Internet Phase 1 replaced offline gatekeepers w/ thin online ones. Phase 2 will replace gatekeepers altogether w/ cryptoeconomic protocols.


There's a 1999-style crypto bubble forming that's going to tempt every startup to sell coins to the crowd instead of selling shares to VCs.


The Internet demolished middlemen and replaced them with thin monopolies. But blockchains may liberate us from intermediaries altogether.


Seed is the new Series A. ICO is the new Series B.


Operating an economy without cryptocurrencies will eventually be like operating one without financial markets today.


Most coins wouldn’t exist if Bitcoin and Ethereum had incentives for future development built into the core protocol.


Blockchain engineering is more inclusive by age because you don't have to pack up your life and move to San Francisco to raise money.


The crypto startups are showing that the last barrier to distributed startups is the geographic concentration of venture capital.


A decentralized, blockchain-based Twitter would be a permanent bastion for free speech and human freedom.


An economy run by markets / blockchains instead of middlemen / authorities would make our current society look like a communist bureaucracy.


This bubble may still have legs. The real flood of ICOs, Innovation, and Institutions is coming.


Crypto may be an industry that is more valuable with a small set of users that don’t attract nation-state attention than a with a large set who do.


Bitcoin in its current state is probably better off without investors who can't figure out how to buy it.


Bitcoin cannot coexist with patents. The whole point of Bitcoin is decentralization. Patents are government-enforced centralized monopolies.


Every market I've seen eventually punishes clever investors and rewards patient ones. Cryptocurrencies will be no different.


After ICO market corrects, future raises will require independent research and smart-contract based governance of funds by token holders.


ICO mania headed for a brutal correction. But, we should hope the market evolves a rational fundraising mechanism outside of Silicon Valley.


Value is seeping out of the venture business and into public blockchains where, ironically, individuals can play but VC funds cannot.


As long as any single cryptocurrency can be mined, and any single crypto currency is private, then Distributed Exchanges make every single cryptocurrency obtainable without fiat and every cryptocurrency private.


Markets need rule of law, and rulers create constraints. Blockchains use code as law, and point the way towards true free markets.


Blockchain development and investment aren't concentrated in Silicon Valley - they're as decentralized as the blockchains themselves.


Creating new financial institutions and products takes years. Unless you're working on a blockchain - then it can be done in a few weekends.


One way you know that crypto is its own asset class and not a subset of tech - eventually every crypto-focused Partner in a venture fund spins out and sets up shop on their own.


Blockchains are inverting the protocol:apps relationship. Historically the protocols were free and the apps captured value. Reversing now.


Blockchains, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Genomics, Autonomous's good to see tech business returning to its tech roots.

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