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Naval Ravikant quotes on censorship / privacy / regulation

Indian-American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder, chairman, and former CEO of AngelList.

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If Facebook or Twitter decide to engage in censorship, then it's time to scrutinize their monopoly status.


The people pushing tech companies to exercise censorship are the same people who will push to have the companies regulated for their power later.


Twitter has a de-facto monopoly on text-based broadcast social media. Intellectually lazy to overlook this while supporting censorship.


Twitter is the last proprietary platform that I will invest energy into. Future media should be open-source, distributed, & user controlled.


Turkey is the (current) poster child for why the world needs distributed, anonymous, encrypted, and un-censorable social media.


Social media took down gov'ts from Egypt to the US. Of course it'll be censored - until the arrival of decentralized (ownerless) media.


Bitcoin cannot coexist with patents. The whole point of Bitcoin is decentralization. Patents are government-enforced centralized monopolies.


Software is just an idea that can do work outside of the human brain. Ideas are impossible to ban or effectively regulate.


3D Printing turns speech into guns. Encryption turns speech into privacy. Bitcoin turns speech into money. Free speech trumps other debates.


Twitter's current policies are hastening the day that governments will regulate and control it as a utility.


Open protocols have superior network effects & are more censorship resistant than proprietary platforms, but lack fast moving dev teams.


Spectacles are, of course, the beginning of the end of all physical privacy. The only remaining privacy will be digital.


Telecoms nationalized over stifling innovation. Bell Labs created to counter narrative. Tech monopolies face similar battle over censorship.


No one talking about fact-checking has a clear proposal that can be disambiguated from censorship, whether by editors or algorithms.

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