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Social media isn’t: • Marketing • PR • Photography • Videography • Directing • Editing • Sales • Copywriting • Crisis Managing • Researching • Data Analyzing • Graphic Designing • Brand Strategizing • Paid Advertising • Industry Expertise It’s all of it


Actual habits of successful people: • Wake up when their body tells them to • Read stuff that interests them • Exercise when it best fits into their schedule • Drink coffee if they like coffee • Sometimes eat unhealthy food • Tell the people they love that they love them


You’re an adult. The only person responsible for educating you is you.


You are not a social media wizard You are not a social media guru You are not a social media rockstar You are not a social media maven You are a professional. These made up titles are pejorative and diminish the tremendous skill and effort required by the profession.


If you have a social media marketer who gets frustrated when they’re asked to post bad content, hold on to that person. They care. And they get it.


Attention is not free. That’s why marketing exists.


Checking social media is the new opening the fridge when you’re not hungry


The future of work isn't remote, it's flexible: Work from home, work from the office, work where ever


How to instantly become more charismatic: Leave your phone in your pocket when you’re having a conversation with someone. That’s it.


Surround yourself with people who want to have conversations, not win conversations


Your life changes when you realize that complaining only makes things worse


One sign you’re successful: Other people’s accomplishments bring you joy


Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I don’t like you. In fact, the two are usually unrelated.


If you hang out with people who complain about other people, they probably do the same when you’re not around


If your friend’s success doesn’t make you happy, than you’re not happy


Don’t like your mood? Go exercise Don’t like your job? Look for a new job Don’t like your partner? Break-up Don’t like your friends? Get new friends Don’t like your life? Change your habits


If you're "successful" and unhappy, you've missed the point.


Creativity boosters: • Taking a walk • Reading a book • Getting some sun • Eating healthy food • Welcoming boredom • Strenuous exercising • Exploring a new place • Trying a new experience • Getting a good night sleep • Interacting with creative people


Three skills that pay lifetime dividends: • Being able to effectively sell • Being able to effectively write • Being able to effectively public speak


Want to hire the best talent? Let them live where ever they want


Surround yourself with people that celebrate growth


You’re never ready. Just jump in.


Don’t let the group you identify with do your thinking for you


Communication is less about adding things, and more about ruthlessly subtracting every single element that fails to increase the clarity of your message


Knowledge: collecting dots Experience: connecting dots


The secret to building your confidence: Attempt difficult things. Accomplish some of them.


Most people don’t get what they really want because they’re afraid of having an uncomfortable conversation


The art of respectful disagreement is a lost art


A great product with bad marketing is no longer a great product


Success looks a lot like consistency over a long period of time


The new lazy way to shop: Google whatever it is that you’re looking for. Then let FB and IG serve you ads for different versions of that product for the next two days.


Life hack: Do what you say you’ll do


Three skills that will only continue to grow in importance: Critical thinking, communication, and creativity.


Learn the basics of writing Learn the basics of branding Learn the basics of ad buying Learn the basics of marketing Learn the basics of videography Learn the basics of photography Learn the basics of graphic design Learn the basics and you’ll be better than most


The future restaurant experience is clear: You will sit down, scan a QR code (or maybe have an app), order from phone, food runners bring you your order, pay from your phone, leave whenever you want. Never have to split a bill, wait for a server, or wait for your bill again.


Someone might be able to steal your ideas, but they will never be able to steal your ability to come up with ideas


Don’t be the critic. Be the person who tries. Who fails. Who stumbles. Who strives. Who comes up short. Who errs. Who devotes. Who at worst fails, and who at best tastes victory. The critic never knows defeat, nor victory.


Want to get better at social media? Become an expert in any one of the following: • Photography • Editing • Ad buying • Sales • Marketing • Copywriting • Crisis comms • Psychology • Empathy • Industry trends • Graphic design • Cultural trends • Customer acquisition


We’re about to see a boom in live social media broadcasts: Concerts, workout classes, stand-up comedy, broadway, museum tours... This period will forever change the way we create and consume social media


Top three life skills everyone should learn: • How to be an effective writer • How to speak confidently in public • How to be a persuasive salesperson


You don’t change people’s minds with facts. You change people’s mind with emotions.


Why suffering from Imposter Syndrome is a good thing: It’s common among high-achievers. It means you know your own knowledge gaps and are motivated to fill them. The real danger is in thinking you know everything. It’s impossible to learn something new if you already know it all


5 rules for writing better tweets: 1. Only one idea per tweet 2. Cut all unnecessary words 3. Write for clarity first, wit second 4. Max two pieces of clickable text 5. Poor formatting can ruin a great tweet


The problem with social media marketing isn’t that it doesn’t work, it’s that brands don’t want to do what works


Traditional career paths are overrated. Take two steps forward. Take one step back. Go left. Go right. Go up. Go down. Twirl in a circle. Do a 360. There isn’t one route.


You can’t build a relationship overnight. You can’t build a community overnight. You can’t build a brand overnight. Building takes consistent effort over a long period of time.


Nothing anyone else does is because of you. So stop taking it personally.


If great social media marketing was easy every brand would have great social media


Life hack: Surround yourself with people who are better than you


The ability to change your perspective when you’re wrong is better than being smart

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