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Three skills that pay lifetime dividends: • Being able to effectively sell • Being able to effectively write • Being able to effectively public speak


Top three life skills everyone should learn: • How to be an effective writer • How to speak confidently in public • How to be a persuasive salesperson


5 rules for writing better tweets: 1. Only one idea per tweet 2. Cut all unnecessary words 3. Write for clarity first, wit second 4. Max two pieces of clickable text 5. Poor formatting can ruin a great tweet


Cheatsheet for writing better tweets: • One idea per tweet • Write for clarity first • Write for wit second • Delete superfluous words • Use analogies when possible • Bad formatting can ruin a great tweet


Writing is an art Marketing is an art Videography is an art Photography is an art Graphic design is an art Communication is an art Cinematography is an art Social media is an art


Use organic social media to pull your customer in. Use paid social media to push your message out.


The 5-step guide to grow your social media following: 1) Decide why people should follow you 2) Create content in support of your why 3) Refuse to post content that does not support your why 4) Consistently post that content 5) Post more of what resonates, less of what doesn’t


One secret to instantly improve your writing: Never use passive voice, only active voice. For example: “Matt sent the tweet.” vs “The tweet was sent by Matt.” That’s it. That’s the secret.


Don’t steal content inspiration from the competitors in your same industry. Steal content inspiration from the best in a different industry altogether.


The secret to writing effective social media copy: Social media is a light medium, so write casually. Write like you’re texting a friend. Write like you’re explaining something over a beer. Write like you’re telling your mom. That’s it. That’s the secret. Write it casually.


People think good social media is difficult. It’s not. Create content that does at least one of the following: -Educates -Entertains -Informs -Inspires


Read better books, create better content Watch better television, create better content Follow better accounts, create better content Listen to better podcasts, create better content Consume better content, create better content


The best social media tip I have: Learn to write. And learn to write well.


Always put your audience first. Your content is for them, not you.


If you lead a social media team: Create a safe place where your team can openly discuss how to improve the content that’s working, how to kill the content that’s not working, and how you can remove any obstacles preventing your team from producing the best content possible.


The goal isn’t to get more followers. The goal is to become a better writer, to meet interesting people, to better understand yourself. Followers are just a byproduct.


The secret to writing social media copy is to write it like you’re texting your friends


If you want great ideas you have to risk having bad ideas If you want a great brand you have to risk having a bad brand If you want great content you have to risk having bad content


You only get better at taking photos by taking more photos. You only get better at writing by writing more. You only get better at creating content by creating more content. You only find your voice if you’re willing to speak


Three social media predictions: 1) Brands hire social media hosts to become the face of the brand on social 2) Visual content gets even more weird and abstract 3) The popularity of Tik Tok will increase “performance/remix” style of content across all platforms (IG especially)


The value of creating content is that you learn about yourself. Gaining an audience is just a bonus.


Don’t focus on creating perfect content. Focus on creating relevant content.


You don’t create content because you’re good at creating content You’re good at creating content because you create content


Everyone new to social media marketing makes the same mistake: They create content that speaks to their brand’s needs instead of their audience’s needs. People only read stuff that will benefit them. Don’t believe me? I just got you to read this tweet by speaking to your needs.


Organic content marketing is the art of creating ads that don’t feel like ads. That’s why the following tactics can be effective: • Lo-Fi videos • Minimal branding • Real-time content • Writing like people talk • Memes and cultural trends


When creating and posting content, keep in mind that your audience is probably: • Distracted • Looking to be entertained • Not looking for branded content • Consuming it on their mobile device • Scrolling past your content if it doesn’t immediately grab their attention


Building a community on social media is difficult because it cannot be achieved by posting one great piece of content. You have to post content that resonates over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.


One magical date doesn’t result in a meaningful relationship One in-depth conversation doesn’t result in an enduring friendship One amazing piece of content doesn’t result in an engaged audience These things take time, effort, and consistency


You can instantly improve your tweets by following this rule: One comma per sentence. If you have more than one comma in a sentence, either rewrite the sentence or break it up into two sentences. That’s it. That’s the rule.


Organic social media marketing summarized in a single tweet: Empathy: Imagine the experience from your audience’s perspective Community building: Create content that galvanizes your brand advocates Use common sense:


The only person who cares about that typo in youre tweet is you. Everyone else bearly noticed and has moved on.


Social media is not a dumping ground for all of your content. Content needs to be optimized for the platform you’re posting on. Your goal is to remove consumption friction, not to shove a round object through a square hole.


Every piece of content starts with an audience of one. Start by satisfying that person and go from there.


You don’t simplify your writing because you think your audience is dumb. You simplify your writing because people have better things to do than read your advertisements.


When creating content at live events: Your goal isn’t to capture the best photos or videos. Your goal is to capture the best moments.


When you first get into social media marketing and content creation, no one tells you about the amount of troubleshooting required


Let your personality seep into the content you create. It’s actually your secret weapon.


The biggest mistake people make in social media is thinking that posting is free Posting the wrong content can cost you your audience


People don’t use social media looking for specific content. People use social media to see what grabs their attention. You have to create something that immediately hooks someone.


Some content needs to go out quickly. Some content needs to go out perfectly. Know which is which.


Having to create social media content can feel overwhelming because the possibilities are endless. Solve for this by narrowing your focus: Create constraints, determine what you won’t post.


We are hardwired to respond to emotion over logic This is why emotional content will always outperform logical content


• Consistently exercise to get fit • Consistently read to get smarter • Consistently post to grow your audience Consistency is the key


The value of a relationship isn’t in a single act, it’s in the accumulation of acts The value of an ad isn’t in a single ad, it’s in the accumulation of ads The value of content isn’t in one piece of content, it’s in the accumulation of content


Writing helps you figure out who you are. Tweeting is writing.


When you write to impress, you don’t When you write to communicate, you impress


How to write an engaging tweet: First, write the tweet. Then play with the order: Take the last line and make it the first line; take the beginning of a sentence and move it to the end. Delete superfluous words. Read it for clarity. Then read it again for art. Finally, post it.


There’s so much bad social media content because creating good social content is really hard


The real secret to social media success is to create content that no one else can create.


The content is the food. The medium is the restaurant. Don’t serve your audience fast food when they are expecting fine dining. And vice versa.

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