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Don’t let the group you identify with do your thinking for you


Three skills that will only continue to grow in importance: Critical thinking, communication, and creativity.


The five most marketable skills of the future will be the five C’s: • Creativity • Collaboration • Critical thinking • Communication • Common Sense


Just because I disagree with someone doesn't mean I can't still be impressed with the clarity of their thinking


Learning how to think is more valuable than learning how to recite facts. School occasionally teaches the former, but mostly tests for the latter.


It’s not always about knowing more, sometimes it’s about thinking differently


Less sitting Less doing Less screen time Less consuming Less artificial light Less bubble Less distractions More walking More thinking More paper time More absorbing More sun light More perspectives More focus


One of the best skills you can ever develop: The ability to recognize quality thinking in other people


If you agree with everything someone says, either you’re not thinking enough or they’re not thinking enough.


Don't outsource your thinking. Don't outsource your morality.


When you think for yourself, you end up having a lot of people who will disagree with you


Technology complements us, not replaces us. There will always be a need for human creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.


It’s important to follow people who are better thinkers than you It’s also important to follow people who are different thinkers than you. Maybe moreso.


Thinking is like anything else: The more you do it, the better you get at it


Tweeting is writing. Writing organizes your thoughts. Organizing your thoughts clarifies your thoughts. Clarifying your thoughts improves your thinking. Tweeting improves your thinking.


Writing improves your thinking. Tweeting is writing. If people appreciate what you’re tweeting, that’s just a bonus.


If you disregard everything someone you disagree with says, you’re not really thinking


Once you think long and hard enough about something, you realize that the answer is simple. It’s the execution that’s difficult.


Don't outsource your own thinking just so that you can feel like you belong to a team


To fill the gaps in your thinking, explain it to someone To fill the gaps in your explanation, write it down To fill the gaps in your writing, edit what you wrote


Defending your beliefs is usually less about what's right, and more about protecting your own ego


When you take someone’s advice dogmatically, you’ve stopped thinking for yourself. Apply what resonates with you, disgregard what doesn’t.


People don’t follow you for other people’s thoughts. People follow you for your thoughts (unless you’re a meme page)


People think our thoughts cause our actions, when in actuality it’s the other way around


Hone your ability to think before you decide what to think


Tweeting improves my thinking as much as thinking improves my tweeting


The best way to think new thoughts is to deliberately set aside time for thinking new thoughts


Contrarian thinkers don’t view themselves as contrarian thinkers. They just view themselves as thinkers.


The best inspiration comes from people who think the thoughts you never would think to think of

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