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Actual habits of successful people: • Wake up when their body tells them to • Read stuff that interests them • Exercise when it best fits into their schedule • Drink coffee if they like coffee • Sometimes eat unhealthy food • Tell the people they love that they love them


One sign you’re successful: Other people’s accomplishments bring you joy


If your friend’s success doesn’t make you happy, than you’re not happy


If you're "successful" and unhappy, you've missed the point.


Success looks a lot like consistency over a long period of time


Don’t be the critic. Be the person who tries. Who fails. Who stumbles. Who strives. Who comes up short. Who errs. Who devotes. Who at worst fails, and who at best tastes victory. The critic never knows defeat, nor victory.


Social media marketing is more art than science If it were a science anyone could replicate success time and time again


To become successful you have to say yes to almost every opportunity To stay successful you have to say no to almost every opportunity


The difference between successful social media accounts and really successful social media accounts is that really successful social media accounts say no to posting almost everything


The goal isn’t to make your piece of the pie bigger. The goal is to make the whole pie bigger.


Make success your default mode Financial success: Automate investment withdrawals Health success: Fill your house with only real foods Knowledge success: Read before bed Relationship success: Disassociate with people you dislike Mental success: Practice mindfulness each day


Where happiness meets success: Doing your absolute best while simultaneously accepting that most outcomes are completely out of your control


Success in dating: Be someone worth dating Success in business: Sell something worth buying Success in content: Create something worth consuming


The real secret to social media success is to create content that no one else can create.


Successful people don't do things because they read somewhere that that’s what successful people do


If you feel like an imposter it means one of three things: 1) You only compare yourself to people who are more successful than you 2) You push yourself outside of your comfort zone and are constantly growing 3) You actually are an imposter


The secret formula for successful content: Create Analyze Improve Repeat Create Analyze Improve Repeat Create Analyze Improve Repeat Create Analyze Improve Repeat Create Analyze Improve Repeat Create Analyze Improve Repeat Create Analyze Improve Repeat


No brand has ever “hacked” their way to social media success


Organic social media marketing is marketing It’s just that you have to use different tactics than traditional marketing if you want to be successful


You’d be surprised by how many successful people would take the time to talk to you if you just tweeted at them


Success is impossible to guarantee. But failure is easy to predict.


Great content doesn’t always require great effort The success of your content is indifferent to effort


The success of your previous posts determines the success of your future posts. Consistently posting engaging content will elevate an occasional average post. Consistently posting unengaging content will make it difficult for great content to stand out.


Good formatting won’t make a bad tweet successful, but bad formatting can make a good tweet unsuccessful


Trying to get millions of followers is like trying to became famous: There’s no path that guarantees success

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