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Social media isn’t: • Marketing • PR • Photography • Videography • Directing • Editing • Sales • Copywriting • Crisis Managing • Researching • Data Analyzing • Graphic Designing • Brand Strategizing • Paid Advertising • Industry Expertise It’s all of it


You are not a social media wizard You are not a social media guru You are not a social media rockstar You are not a social media maven You are a professional. These made up titles are pejorative and diminish the tremendous skill and effort required by the profession.


If you have a social media marketer who gets frustrated when they’re asked to post bad content, hold on to that person. They care. And they get it.


Checking social media is the new opening the fridge when you’re not hungry


The new lazy way to shop: Google whatever it is that you’re looking for. Then let FB and IG serve you ads for different versions of that product for the next two days.


Want to get better at social media? Become an expert in any one of the following: • Photography • Editing • Ad buying • Sales • Marketing • Copywriting • Crisis comms • Psychology • Empathy • Industry trends • Graphic design • Cultural trends • Customer acquisition


We’re about to see a boom in live social media broadcasts: Concerts, workout classes, stand-up comedy, broadway, museum tours... This period will forever change the way we create and consume social media


5 rules for writing better tweets: 1. Only one idea per tweet 2. Cut all unnecessary words 3. Write for clarity first, wit second 4. Max two pieces of clickable text 5. Poor formatting can ruin a great tweet


The problem with social media marketing isn’t that it doesn’t work, it’s that brands don’t want to do what works


If great social media marketing was easy every brand would have great social media


People overestimate organic social media’s ability to drive direct sales, and underestimate its ability to build a lasting brand


Writing is an art Marketing is an art Videography is an art Photography is an art Graphic design is an art Communication is an art Cinematography is an art Social media is an art


Social media marketing is more art than science If it were a science anyone could replicate success time and time again


Use organic social media to pull your customer in. Use paid social media to push your message out.


The 5-step guide to grow your social media following: 1) Decide why people should follow you 2) Create content in support of your why 3) Refuse to post content that does not support your why 4) Consistently post that content 5) Post more of what resonates, less of what doesn’t


Your audience might not want to hear from your brand today. Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all.


YouTube isn't social media. It's a video search engine.


Paid social media works like traditional advertising: Pay for people to see your message Organic social media works like word of mouth: Provide such an outstanding experience that people willingly share it with everyone they know


I love social media marketing because it’s the most experimental of all marketing channels. It allows for risk taking. It allows for ideas that could flop. It allows for activations that don’t make sense in a traditional marketing context. So, take some chances and have some fun.


When creating a video for social media: • You have 1 second to convince someone to watch for 3 seconds • You have 3 seconds to convince someone to watch for 10 seconds • After 10 seconds the narrative needs to convince someone to watch until the end


The secret to writing effective social media copy: Social media is a light medium, so write casually. Write like you’re texting a friend. Write like you’re explaining something over a beer. Write like you’re telling your mom. That’s it. That’s the secret. Write it casually.


People think good social media is difficult. It’s not. Create content that does at least one of the following: -Educates -Entertains -Informs -Inspires


The best social media tip I have: Learn to write. And learn to write well.


Media literacy needs to be taught in every school, at every level


The harsh irony of organic social media marketing: The best way to leverage social media as a marketing tool is to rarely use it to explicitly market what it is that you’re selling


If you lead a social media team: Create a safe place where your team can openly discuss how to improve the content that’s working, how to kill the content that’s not working, and how you can remove any obstacles preventing your team from producing the best content possible.


The harsh realities of content marketing: • Going viral is mostly luck • It takes time to reap the benefits • You must consistently post content • Not all content provides a tangible ROI • People use social media to be entertained


Social media: Stop asking what social media can do for your business, and start asking what social media can do for your customers


Social media marketing cheat sheet: For effective paid social media: Steal ideas from great print ads For engaging organic social media: Steal ideas from the entertainment industry For optimizing for the algorithms: Steal ideas from the biggest meme pages


If your brand is going to be active on platforms where cultural moments are happening, you better prioritize hiring someone who understands culture


Social media professionals understand the following about your company: • Marketing • Comms (especially crisis) • Branding • Industry trends • Customer service • Creative (graphics, imagery, photos, video) • How to create and nurture brand advocates The future CMO/CCOs


Three social media terms that I wish would die: 1. Storytelling 2. Authenticity 3. Thought leadership I hate them because at best they are meaningless, and at worst they are misleading.


Three social media predictions: 1) Brands hire social media hosts to become the face of the brand on social 2) Visual content gets even more weird and abstract 3) The popularity of Tik Tok will increase “performance/remix” style of content across all platforms (IG especially)


The difference between successful social media accounts and really successful social media accounts is that really successful social media accounts say no to posting almost everything


Social media marketing requires as much learning as is does unlearning. Never be married to an idea that used to work. Platforms, algorithms, and culture all change to quickly.


You can’t be a social media marketing expert if you’re not a marketing expert


If you don't value social media marketing, some other company will.


Social media works just like real life: Talk mostly about interesting things and people will listen to you. Talk mostly about yourself and people will ignore you.


A spoon is a great tool, but that doesn’t mean you can use it to cut a steak Social media is a great tool, but that doesn’t mean you can use it to solve all of your marketing problems


Everyone new to social media marketing makes the same mistake: They create content that speaks to their brand’s needs instead of their audience’s needs. People only read stuff that will benefit them. Don’t believe me? I just got you to read this tweet by speaking to your needs.


5-step recipe for social media success: 1) Define your niche 2) Rarely deviate from your niche 3) Consistently post about your niche 4) Make your content easy to consume 5) Your audience tells you what they want to see, not the other way around


An effective social media strategy isn’t one that aims for short-term wins, but instead builds communities to meet long-term goals


The more you brand something on social media, the more it looks like an ad. The more something on social media looks like an ad, the less willing people are to share it.


Don’t ask what value social media can bring to your business. Ask what value social media can bring to your audience. Do this and social media will bring value to your business.


The first law of social media: If you want someone to follow you or your brand on social media you must continuously provide value, either online or offline


Get better at social media by changing your habits: • Read more to become a better writer • Take more photos to become a better photographer • Follow inspiring thinkers to become a better thinker


You can instantly improve your tweets by following this rule: One comma per sentence. If you have more than one comma in a sentence, either rewrite the sentence or break it up into two sentences. That’s it. That’s the rule.


Organic social media marketing summarized in a single tweet: Empathy: Imagine the experience from your audience’s perspective Community building: Create content that galvanizes your brand advocates Use common sense:


Social media is not a dumping ground for all of your content. Content needs to be optimized for the platform you’re posting on. Your goal is to remove consumption friction, not to shove a round object through a square hole.


If you love social media marketing but don’t love brands, you’re missing the point

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