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How to instantly become more charismatic: Leave your phone in your pocket when you’re having a conversation with someone. That’s it.


Surround yourself with people who want to have conversations, not win conversations


Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I don’t like you. In fact, the two are usually unrelated.


If you hang out with people who complain about other people, they probably do the same when you’re not around


If your friend’s success doesn’t make you happy, than you’re not happy


Don’t like your mood? Go exercise Don’t like your job? Look for a new job Don’t like your partner? Break-up Don’t like your friends? Get new friends Don’t like your life? Change your habits


Surround yourself with people that celebrate growth


Don’t let the group you identify with do your thinking for you


Life hack: Surround yourself with people who are better than you


There’s no hack for getting fit. There’s no hack for building a community. There’s no hack for maintaining a meaningful relationship. All the best things in life require consistent effort over long periods of time.


Someone else’s win is not your loss. Especially if it’s a friend.


Be skeptical of people who take something seemingly straightforward and make it sound needlessly complex


Quitting isn’t always a bad thing. Quit reading that book you don’t enjoy. Quit that job you’ve plateaued in. Quit that relationship that is no longer healthy.


The only thing worse than someone quitting and leaving is someone quitting and staying


I used to “network”. It was strategic, or so I assumed. Then one day I decided to try connecting with people I found interesting. That was the only criteria I used. No agenda. No strategy. No objective. The result has been real relationships that are infinitely more valuable.


Fitness. Mental health. Fulfilling relationships. Happiness. Building a community. There are no short cuts to achieving any of these. There is only time and effort.


The quickest way to become better is to surround yourself with better people.


Invest in things that last, both in terms of relationships and possessions


Seek out people who respectfully disagree with or challenge you It’s hard to learn or grow if people only agree with you


Surround yourself with people who already possess the characteristics you want to possess


I want to be funnier so I follow funny comedians I want to be a better photographer so I follow great photographers I want to think more clearly so I follow insightful thinkers Follow people better than you and learn by osmosis.


Social media works just like real life: Talk mostly about interesting things and people will listen to you. Talk mostly about yourself and people will ignore you.


Want better friendships? Become a better friend Want a great significant other? Become a great significant other Want more interesting opportunities? Become more interesting You attract what you are


Follow more people that make you feel stupid. They make you smarter.


One magical date doesn’t result in a meaningful relationship One in-depth conversation doesn’t result in an enduring friendship One amazing piece of content doesn’t result in an engaged audience These things take time, effort, and consistency


One of the best skills you can ever develop: The ability to recognize quality thinking in other people


The best way to change someone’s mind is to be befriend them The best way to befriend someone is to build trust with them The best way to build trust with someone is to give without an expectation of anything in return


Want bold ideas? Surround yourself with bold people Want funny ideas? Surround yourself with funny people Want creative ideas? Surround yourself with creative people Want inspiring ideas? Surround yourself with inspiring people


Follow no one and you’ll be uninformed Follow the wrong people and you’ll be misinformed Follow the right people and you’ll form your own opinions


Strangers owe you nothing. The least of which their attention. So if you want someone’s attention you better give them something worth paying attention to.


The value of a relationship isn’t in a single act, it’s in the accumulation of acts The value of an ad isn’t in a single ad, it’s in the accumulation of ads The value of content isn’t in one piece of content, it’s in the accumulation of content


The benefit of exercising compounds The benefit of relationships compounds The benefit of knowledge compounds The benefit of investing compounds The benefit of eating healthy compounds The benefit of content compounds The benefit of most things compounds


You’re a product of your environment, both offline and online If you can’t surround yourself with the right people offline, do it online


The best social media accounts are like the best relationships: The more honest and open they are the more interesting and enjoyable they are


Asking your audience a question if they aren’t already engaging with you is like walking into a party and shouting a random question. People just will ignore you and go back to what they were doing. You need your audience’s attention before you can expect a response from them.


I reach out to people I admire to tell them I admire them


When a sales person entertains a client they do so in hopes of strengthening the relationship so that the client is more receptive to future sales pitches Organic social media works the same way


The secret to successful relationships: Focus on other people’s needs, and surround yourself with people who do the same


How you know when it’s time to end a relationship (either platonic or romantic): The other person doesn’t want to see you grow


Don't follow people who have the opposite perspective as you Follow people who have a perspective that you never even knew existed


It’s not your similarities but your differences that make a relationship valuable


I’ve benefited more from peers that pushed me than from mentors that motivated me. Give me great peers over a great mentor any day.


Transactional relationships rarely yield the transaction you’re hoping for


Great minds tweet about ideas Average minds tweet about events Small minds tweet about people


You are more likely to be swayed by new information if it comes from someone you are familiar with, someone you are fond of, and someone you trust Social media lets you build familiarity, fondness, and trust


If you don’t waste your audience’s time they’re more likely to listen to you If they’re more likely to listen to you they’re more likely to trust you If they’re more likely to trust you they’re more likely to buy from you


Tweeting has helped me meet so many interesting people. I highly recommend it.


Keep in mind that your audience is mostly made up of people. Like, the human being kind of people. Post accordingly.

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