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A great product with bad marketing is no longer a great product


The new lazy way to shop: Google whatever it is that you’re looking for. Then let FB and IG serve you ads for different versions of that product for the next two days.


Your customers don’t care about you. They only care about what you can do for them.


Practicality is how you sell a product. Emotion is how you sell a brand.


Build a great product, market it effectively. Don’t complicate it.


If someone else can create a similar product or service, then brand is the only thing that can differentiate you from your competitors


No one cares about your brand. People only care about what your brand can do for them.


People don’t use social media looking for specific content. People use social media to see what grabs their attention. You have to create something that immediately hooks someone.


You have to build your audience before you start selling your product


The first product you’ll ever market is yourself. If you can’t sell your own value, you won't be able to sell anything else.


Money works like attention: If you want it, you need to provide people with something of value


You can’t use social media to create desire for your product or service. You can only use social media to channel existing desire and direct it towards your product or service.


You’re a product of your environment, both offline and online If you can’t surround yourself with the right people offline, do it online


If you’re starting a business, create a product you’d want to use If you’re creating content, create content you’d want to consume


Making something social isn’t about adding emojis or using slang. It’s about creating something fun to watch and easy to consume.


The formula: Great product + Great marketing = Brand advocates


Your audience doesn’t have the same objectives you have. They don’t care about your needs. They only cares about their own needs.


Making money is like finding romantic love is like gaining social media followers: The more value you provide, the easy it is to attract

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