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People think good social media is difficult. It’s not. Create content that does at least one of the following: -Educates -Entertains -Informs -Inspires


Social media is fun You might be surprised what happens when you let your brand have some.


If you’re in the organic social media business, you’re in the entertainment business


Social media hasn’t ruined anyone’s attention span. It’s that people doesn’t use social media to be advertised to, they use it to be entertained. So if they aren’t instantly entertained they quickly move on to the next piece of content.


It’s more fun to create than to consume


Social media is fun Don’t be afraid to have some when posting — especially for a brand


There is only one way for a person to use social media incorrectly: You don’t enjoy it when you’re using it


The competition for attention on social media is higher than on other mediums You have to be more fun, more casual, more captivating, more gratifying, more compelling, more intriguing, more provocative, more unique, more absurd, more playful... More attention-worthy


There are only two ways to get real social media followers: 1) Do interesting stuff in real life 2) Post interesting stuff on social media The most popular accounts do both

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