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Three skills that will only continue to grow in importance: Critical thinking, communication, and creativity.


Learn the basics of writing Learn the basics of branding Learn the basics of ad buying Learn the basics of marketing Learn the basics of videography Learn the basics of photography Learn the basics of graphic design Learn the basics and you’ll be better than most


Top three life skills everyone should learn: • How to be an effective writer • How to speak confidently in public • How to be a persuasive salesperson


Why suffering from Imposter Syndrome is a good thing: It’s common among high-achievers. It means you know your own knowledge gaps and are motivated to fill them. The real danger is in thinking you know everything. It’s impossible to learn something new if you already know it all


If you're reading, watching, or listening to the right things, learning is as just as much fun as being entertained


Progress isn’t linear Success isn’t linear Science isn’t linear Growth isn’t linear Life isn’t linear Just because something feels like a step backwards doesn’t necessarily mean it is


The best social media tip I have: Learn to write. And learn to write well.


The quickest way to become better is to surround yourself with better people.


Learning how to think is more valuable than learning how to recite facts. School occasionally teaches the former, but mostly tests for the latter.


If you've never contradicted yourself you've never grown


Worry less about finishing the book, and more about understanding what you just read


Seek out people who respectfully disagree with or challenge you It’s hard to learn or grow if people only agree with you


I want to be funnier so I follow funny comedians I want to be a better photographer so I follow great photographers I want to think more clearly so I follow insightful thinkers Follow people better than you and learn by osmosis.


Social media marketing requires as much learning as is does unlearning. Never be married to an idea that used to work. Platforms, algorithms, and culture all change to quickly.


Learning what someone does with their free time tells you more about that person than learning what they do for work


The best way to learn something is to do it, then to teach it


Get better at social media by changing your habits: • Read more to become a better writer • Take more photos to become a better photographer • Follow inspiring thinkers to become a better thinker


You reserve the right to change your mind at any time. Especially if it’s the result of learning new information.


The only person you’re in competition with is yourself. So make sure you beat that fool every chance you get.


If you’re not the same person you were ten years ago, then by the same logic you’re not the same person you were ten hours ago. Don’t be beholden to a person that doesn’t even exist anymore.


Adults learn stuff my having it explained to them Kids learn stuff by jumping in and just going for it Learn more like a kid


The best way to never live your best life is to keep holding on to your old life


How to develop your voice: Speak. Learn. Speak better.


Most people don’t bother to even learn the basics of their own disciplines. Learn the basics and you’ll be better off than most.


Creativity should never get easier, you should just get better at it Exercise should never get easier, you should just get better at it Life should never get easier, you should just get better at it


If you don’t like the book... Stop reading it If you don’t like the show... Change the channel If you don’t like the tweets... Mute the account


If you feel like an imposter it means one of three things: 1) You only compare yourself to people who are more successful than you 2) You push yourself outside of your comfort zone and are constantly growing 3) You actually are an imposter


The only thing anyone knows for certain right now is that no one is certain what the outcome of all this will be Develop your ability to deal with uncertainty


The more you learn about social media the more you learn how much more there is to learn


Better prioritizing your own mental and physical health helps you better prioritize others


When creating content for social: Spend as much time figuring out how to get people to stop and watch your content as you do creating the content itself


You can’t become better at taking photos without taking photos You can’t become better at writing tweets without writing tweets You can’t become a better thinker without thinking


Learn from your own mistakes. Of course. But also learn from other people’s mistakes.


It’s easier to get out of shape than it is to get into shape. It’s easier to ruin your reputation than it is to build your reputation. It’s easier to alienate your audience than it is to galvanize your audience. The descent is always easier than the ascent.


I hope to always look back on my old self and think “he was so naive”


If you’re copying someone, you’re not learning from them


Mastering social media requires as much unlearning as it does learning Mercurial algorithms and evolving platform functionality can transform the effective into the ineffective overnight


If you’re just copying your favorite social media accounts you aren’t actually learning from them


The goal isn’t to get tons of followers, thousands of retweets, or millions of impressions. The goal is to become someone who is able to create great content. The former is a byproduct of the latter.

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