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Social media isn’t: • Marketing • PR • Photography • Videography • Directing • Editing • Sales • Copywriting • Crisis Managing • Researching • Data Analyzing • Graphic Designing • Brand Strategizing • Paid Advertising • Industry Expertise It’s all of it


If you have a social media marketer who gets frustrated when they’re asked to post bad content, hold on to that person. They care. And they get it.


Attention is not free. That’s why marketing exists.


A great product with bad marketing is no longer a great product


The new lazy way to shop: Google whatever it is that you’re looking for. Then let FB and IG serve you ads for different versions of that product for the next two days.


The problem with social media marketing isn’t that it doesn’t work, it’s that brands don’t want to do what works


If great social media marketing was easy every brand would have great social media


Writing is an art Marketing is an art Videography is an art Photography is an art Graphic design is an art Communication is an art Cinematography is an art Social media is an art


Social media marketing is more art than science If it were a science anyone could replicate success time and time again


Use organic social media to pull your customer in. Use paid social media to push your message out.


Paid social media works like traditional advertising: Pay for people to see your message Organic social media works like word of mouth: Provide such an outstanding experience that people willingly share it with everyone they know


Long-term marketing: Brand building that endures over time. Short-term marketing: sales-focused activations that increase revenue. Both are important. Long-term marketing builds brand equity. Short-term marketing cashes in the equity you’ve built.


I love social media marketing because it’s the most experimental of all marketing channels. It allows for risk taking. It allows for ideas that could flop. It allows for activations that don’t make sense in a traditional marketing context. So, take some chances and have some fun.


When creating a video for social media: • You have 1 second to convince someone to watch for 3 seconds • You have 3 seconds to convince someone to watch for 10 seconds • After 10 seconds the narrative needs to convince someone to watch until the end


No post has ever gone viral because they used the right hashtag


The harsh irony of organic social media marketing: The best way to leverage social media as a marketing tool is to rarely use it to explicitly market what it is that you’re selling


Understand why placebos work and you’ll understand why marketing works


Social media marketing cheat sheet: For effective paid social media: Steal ideas from great print ads For engaging organic social media: Steal ideas from the entertainment industry For optimizing for the algorithms: Steal ideas from the biggest meme pages


Social media marketing requires as much learning as is does unlearning. Never be married to an idea that used to work. Platforms, algorithms, and culture all change to quickly.


You can’t be a social media marketing expert if you’re not a marketing expert


If you don't value social media marketing, some other company will.


A spoon is a great tool, but that doesn’t mean you can use it to cut a steak Social media is a great tool, but that doesn’t mean you can use it to solve all of your marketing problems


Build a great product, market it effectively. Don’t complicate it.


Everyone new to social media marketing makes the same mistake: They create content that speaks to their brand’s needs instead of their audience’s needs. People only read stuff that will benefit them. Don’t believe me? I just got you to read this tweet by speaking to your needs.


Organic content marketing is the art of creating ads that don’t feel like ads. That’s why the following tactics can be effective: • Lo-Fi videos • Minimal branding • Real-time content • Writing like people talk • Memes and cultural trends


The more you brand something on social media, the more it looks like an ad. The more something on social media looks like an ad, the less willing people are to share it.


Organic social media marketing summarized in a single tweet: Empathy: Imagine the experience from your audience’s perspective Community building: Create content that galvanizes your brand advocates Use common sense:


People enjoy feeling different emotions. It’s why we watch movies, listen to music, or read books. Same works for marketing.


If you love social media marketing but don’t love brands, you’re missing the point


When you first get into social media marketing and content creation, no one tells you about the amount of troubleshooting required


The first product you’ll ever market is yourself. If you can’t sell your own value, you won't be able to sell anything else.


Social media marketing isn’t about ignoring all traditional marketing wisdom. Quite the opposite. Instead it’s about applying what we know works to a new communication channel and adjusting as needed.


Social media isn’t some magical tool that’s going to solve all of your marketing problems. Know what social media is capable of. And equally as important, know what social media is not capable of.


The best social media marketing doesn’t feel like marketing


We do judge books by their covers. It’s called marketing. And a bad cover can ruin a good story.


Organic brand social media is like word of mouth: You have to create such a remarkable experience that people can’t help but share it with their friends


Times like this are why empathy is such an important skill to possess as a marketer


To better understand social media you need to better understand these three things: 1) Interpersonal communication 2) Timeless marketing techniques 3) The intricacies of different social media platforms


If you’re just starting your social media marketing career: Learn how to distinguish between timeless marketing wisdom and outdated tactical advice. Some lessons endure, while others are already obsolete.


One major flaw with performance FB/IG advertising: You get flooded with ads for a product AFTER you purchase it


Imagine employing techniques as a marketer that annoy you as a customer


TV marketing Print marketing OOH marketing Radio marketing Display marketing Podcast marketing Direct mail marketing Social media marketing Looks silly when you separate it by medium, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s just all marketing.


You would never create something and say “just put it on TV” You would never create something and say “just put it on a billboard” You would never create something and say “just put it on a podcast” Social media should be no different


Don’t focus too much on the latest social media tips, tricks, or hacks. Social media is a dynamic landscape with evolving algorithms, new platforms, and fickle audiences. Instead, focus on honing your marketing skills so that you can apply those lessons to any situation.


It’s not that social media marketing is ineffective It’s that’s bad marketing is ineffective, regardless of the medium


It’s not that social media marketing is ineffective. It’s that much social media marketing is done ineffectively.


Organic social media marketing works like word of mouth marketing: Provide such an outstanding experience that people willingly share it with everyone they know


It’s not that long videos don’t work on social media It’s that long ads don’t work on social media


Most companies ask too much from their organic social media channels. The result is instead of using social media to effectively achieve one goal, their efforts fail to achieve multiple goals.


If you’ve found a format that works on social media, bleed it dry. Never stop using something that’s still working.

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