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Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I don’t like you. In fact, the two are usually unrelated.


Life hack: Do what you say you’ll do


Life hack: Surround yourself with people who are better than you


You can appreciate someone else’s viewpoint without accepting it


You don't need more time, you need more focused time


You’re always one phone call, one chance encounter, one coin flip away from a completely different life. For better or worse.


The only thing worse than someone quitting and leaving is someone quitting and staying


There are so many things under your control that it’s silly to waste your time focusing on anything that’s not


All of the best things in life require consistent effort. All of them.


You never make yourself look good by trying to make others look bad


Being right is irrelevant if you’re not also persuasive


Life requires you to be a competent public speaker: • Job interviews • Asking for a raise • Happy hours • Conferences • Sales presentations Get as much practice as you can, and when the stakes are low


Just because you’re not wrong doesn’t mean you can’t do better


Everyone who has it all figured out is still figuring it all out


Life is a lot more fun when you don’t take it personally


Giving advice to other people is easy. Applying that same advice to your own situation is what’s difficult.


The secret to enjoying life is being able to laugh at yourself before anyone else can


Empathy means understanding that sometimes someone else gets to be more upset about something than you do


If you agree with everything someone says, either you’re not thinking enough or they’re not thinking enough.


The more prone you are to being offended, the more prone you are to someone else dictating your mood


People respectfully disagreeing with you isn’t a curse, it’s a blessing We all have our blind spots


Win with humility Lose with grace


Most people won’t like what you do, but a small percentage of people will absolutely love it


It’s crazy to me that you can have an impact on someone’s life — without ever meeting them — with nothing more than a few tweets


Just because you can measure something doesn’t mean it’s valuable. And just because you can’t measure something doesn’t mean it’s worthless. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the only things that matter are the things we can measure.


Creativity should never get easier, you should just get better at it Exercise should never get easier, you should just get better at it Life should never get easier, you should just get better at it


Just because someone else is wrong doesn't mean you're right


The less you identify with any specific label, the less anyone can offend you


Most people know what’s good for you. Most people don’t know what’s great for you.


Know the difference between what people want and what people say they want. Sometimes it’s the complete opposite.


If there is nothing you can do to fix a situation, complaining about it only makes it worse


Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing


Measure your life by the positive impact you’ve had on other people. In the end, that’s all that really matters.


Content is all about how you make people feel Business is all about how you make people feel Life is all about how you make people feel


Most anger that’s directed towards you has nothing to do with you


The happiest people I know are the ones who are able to appreciate the simple pleasures of life


If you disregard everything someone you disagree with says, you’re not really thinking


Focus less on “us vs them” and more on “right vs wrong” The more everything is about “right vs wrong” the more we are all empowered to stand up to wrong, even when wrong claims to be on our side


You only learn where the real roadblocks are once you start


A good way to figure out what you want to do is to first figure out what you don’t want to do. That’s why it’s necessary to try as many things as possible.


Know what you should ignore, whether it be data, opinions, or ideas. Some do more harm than good.


Empathy is the ability to understand what another person is experiencing with consideration to their frame of reference That’s why it’s essential in marketing


Learn from your own mistakes. Of course. But also learn from other people’s mistakes.


A good sign that someone does not know it all is if they try to convince you that they know it all


Defending your beliefs is usually less about what's right, and more about protecting your own ego


People think they are good at knowing what they want. Anyone who’s ever had a friend with a bad dating history knows this isn’t true.


Knowing what to ignore is just as important as knowing what to focus on Not doing the wrong thing is just as important as doing the right thing Refusing to post bad content is just as important as posting great content


Life never gets boring if you constantly challenge yourself


The bar only looks high After you try jumping over it, you realize it wasn’t as high as you thought


Most of the things that happen in your life are out of your control

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