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Knowledge: collecting dots Experience: connecting dots


The five most marketable skills of the future will be the five C’s: • Creativity • Collaboration • Critical thinking • Communication • Common Sense


People think good social media is difficult. It’s not. Create content that does at least one of the following: -Educates -Entertains -Informs -Inspires


Books aren’t your thing? Then read articles, blogs, newsletters, even tweets. Books don’t have a monopoly on great ideas.


Media literacy needs to be taught in every school, at every level


It’s not always about knowing more, sometimes it’s about thinking differently


Three social media terms that I wish would die: 1. Storytelling 2. Authenticity 3. Thought leadership I hate them because at best they are meaningless, and at worst they are misleading.


Knowing what you don’t know is just as important as knowing what you know


You give away knowledge because it serves you better than if you hoard it


You reserve the right to change your mind at any time. Especially if it’s the result of learning new information.


Lack of knowledge is never an excuse. No one has a clue when they first start.


Follow no one and you’ll be uninformed Follow the wrong people and you’ll be misinformed Follow the right people and you’ll form your own opinions


The benefit of exercising compounds The benefit of relationships compounds The benefit of knowledge compounds The benefit of investing compounds The benefit of eating healthy compounds The benefit of content compounds The benefit of most things compounds


A boring professor can ruin an interesting topic, while an excellent professor can make even the most boring of topics come to life How you deliver the message is just as important as the message itself


People think they are good at knowing what they want. Anyone who’s ever had a friend with a bad dating history knows this isn’t true.


The best way to better control your actions is to first understand how many of your actions are completely out of your conscious control


You have a food diet. You have an information diet. Be cognizant of what you consume.


If your job is to create branded content you should be consuming as much branded content as possible You should have no less than 10 brands you can name that are creating interesting content.


The best way to make sure knowledge sticks is to apply it


You are more likely to be swayed by new information if it comes from someone you are familiar with, someone you are fond of, and someone you trust Social media lets you build familiarity, fondness, and trust


The reason I tweet really obvious things about social media is because there is a lot of really bad information about social media out there

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