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Someone might be able to steal your ideas, but they will never be able to steal your ability to come up with ideas


Imagine a political system where you discussed ideas instead of people


Your job is to collect ideas Collect so many ideas that some of the ideas you thought were unrelated fuse together to form brand new ideas


I love social media marketing because it’s the most experimental of all marketing channels. It allows for risk taking. It allows for ideas that could flop. It allows for activations that don’t make sense in a traditional marketing context. So, take some chances and have some fun.


Popular ideas spread faster than true ideas


Books aren’t your thing? Then read articles, blogs, newsletters, even tweets. Books don’t have a monopoly on great ideas.


Social media marketing cheat sheet: For effective paid social media: Steal ideas from great print ads For engaging organic social media: Steal ideas from the entertainment industry For optimizing for the algorithms: Steal ideas from the biggest meme pages


If you want great ideas you have to risk having bad ideas If you want a great brand you have to risk having a bad brand If you want great content you have to risk having bad content


Don’t defend your old ideas, improve them


The only way to come up with an insanely great idea is to create a safe place for coming up with an insanely bad idea


Steal ideas from artists Steal ideas from philosophers Steal ideas from entrepreneurs Steal ideas from comedians Steal ideas from marketers Steal ideas from scientists Steal ideas from politicians Steal enough ideas from enough people and the ideas become your own


I’ve always found that movement spurs creativity. I’m rarely hit with an inspiring idea while laying on the couch.


The right ideas also need the right people


I constantly take out my phone to jot down ideas and observations Write down ideas as soon as they pop into your head, they’re more ephemeral than you think


There’s no such thing as an original idea. Everything is a remix of a remix of a remix.


Everyone steals ideas. I just admit it.


The presentation of the idea is just as important as the idea itself


Effectively communicating your idea is just as important as the idea itself


Ideas don’t have to be true to be popular. They just have be easily transmitted and believable.


Steal from one person to create something and it’s called plagiarism Steal from 100 people to create something and it’s called inspiration


A wine connoisseur learns to differentiate great wines from mediocre wines from awful wines by first sampling hundreds of different wines Become a connoisseur of ideas, advice, and opinions


Everyone’s a philosopher. Some people just tweet about it.


Most new ideas are just the combination of old ideas that no one has connected yet Thus, the best way to come up with new ideas is to consume as many old ideas as you can


Steal so many great ideas that when you combine them you create something completely unique and specific to you or your brand


Great minds tweet about ideas Average minds tweet about events Small minds tweet about people


A funny thing happens when you’re consistently good: Your good ideas start sounding and looking like great ideas to everyone else


Not all your new content ideas need to be good You just need to be good at trying new content ideas


If you want your ideas to be powerful, you also have to figure out how to make them popular


Your ideas aren’t going to tweet themselves

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