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You can’t build a relationship overnight. You can’t build a community overnight. You can’t build a brand overnight. Building takes consistent effort over a long period of time.


There’s no hack for getting fit. There’s no hack for building a community. There’s no hack for maintaining a meaningful relationship. All the best things in life require consistent effort over long periods of time.


There is no such thing as multitasking You’re either doing one thing fully or you’re doing multiple things partially


The secret living to a happy life: Learn how to be content but never complacent


Fitness. Mental health. Fulfilling relationships. Happiness. Building a community. There are no short cuts to achieving any of these. There is only time and effort.


All of the best things in life require consistent effort. All of them.


One magical date doesn’t result in a meaningful relationship One in-depth conversation doesn’t result in an enduring friendship One amazing piece of content doesn’t result in an engaged audience These things take time, effort, and consistency


Determining what is worthy of your attention and effort is half the battle


There’s no substitute for the feeling of working hard for something and achieving it. Lasting happiness requires continuous effort.


Working harder is irrelevant if you’re not working on the right thing, no matter how many hours you put in


Most companies ask too much from their organic social media channels. The result is instead of using social media to effectively achieve one goal, their efforts fail to achieve multiple goals.


Posting one piece of content and expecting immediate results is no different then planting seeds and expecting to eat the fruit the next day. It takes time, it takes effort, and it take patience. You must water, prune, and care for it before you can reap any fruit.


Too much effort can be as dangerous as not enough: • Sometimes simple is better than complex • Sometimes it’s better to just get it out there • Sometimes we invent problems that don’t really exist


I’ll let you in on my best social media community building hack: Work really hard, consistently.


Great content doesn’t always require great effort The success of your content is indifferent to effort

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