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If your friend’s success doesn’t make you happy, than you’re not happy


If you're "successful" and unhappy, you've missed the point.


I’m happiest when my current-self is doing something that my future-self will benefit from


Happy people try to build other people up. Unhappy people try to tear other people down.


Your attention is now the most valuable thing you own. Spend it carelessly you can end up depressed and unhappy.


The secret living to a happy life: Learn how to be content but never complacent


Fitness. Mental health. Fulfilling relationships. Happiness. Building a community. There are no short cuts to achieving any of these. There is only time and effort.


Happiness is not about impressing other people. It’s about impressing yourself.


Where happiness meets success: Doing your absolute best while simultaneously accepting that most outcomes are completely out of your control


There’s no substitute for the feeling of working hard for something and achieving it. Lasting happiness requires continuous effort.


The happiest people I know are the ones who are able to appreciate the simple pleasures of life


When chasing happiness: Don’t ask if it will make you happy today, ask if it will make you happy tomorrow


If putting on a fresh pair of socks doesn’t make you happy, then no amount of money will make you happy either


If you’re not happy before you fall in love, you won’t be happy after either


The pursuit of happiness is the only lasting happiness


Life isn’t about happiness. Life is about meaning. Strive for meaning and happiness will be a byproduct.

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