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The secret to building your confidence: Attempt difficult things. Accomplish some of them.


No one is thinking about you as much as you think they are


I will always respect the people that take chances, put themselves out there, and risk having other people laugh at them


Read better books, create better content Watch better television, create better content Follow better accounts, create better content Listen to better podcasts, create better content Consume better content, create better content


Less sitting Less doing Less screen time Less consuming Less artificial light Less bubble Less distractions More walking More thinking More paper time More absorbing More sun light More perspectives More focus


There’s no such thing as multitasking. What you’re really doing is just quickly switching from one cognitive task to another. So instead of doing one thing properly, you end up doing several things poorly.


Successful people don't do things because they read somewhere that that’s what successful people do


Trying new things that don’t work will help you improve infinitely more than not trying new things at all


Never stop doing what's working until it stops working


Telling people to do something is a lot easier than convincing people to do something


If it’s working, keep doing it If it stop working, try something different

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