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Most people don’t get what they really want because they’re afraid of having an uncomfortable conversation


Worry less about finishing the book, and more about understanding what you read


Create content people want to consume, not content you want people to consume


You can’t use social media to create desire for your product or service. You can only use social media to channel existing desire and direct it towards your product or service.


Knowing what people actually want is much more important than knowing what people say they want


Know the difference between what people want and what people say they want. Sometimes it’s the complete opposite.


Loving what you do is the biggest competitive advantage I know of


Changing your desires changes your future


If you want to know what someone really wants, asking them is usually an ineffective way of finding out


Your audience doesn’t have the same objectives you have. They don’t care about your needs. They only cares about their own needs.


Our desires are learned. We more strongly desire the things other people desire.

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