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Your life changes when you realize that complaining only makes things worse


We’re about to see a boom in live social media broadcasts: Concerts, workout classes, stand-up comedy, broadway, museum tours... This period will forever change the way we create and consume social media


You don’t change people’s minds with facts. You change people’s mind with emotions.


The ability to change your perspective when you’re wrong is better than being smart


Social media marketing requires as much learning as is does unlearning. Never be married to an idea that used to work. Platforms, algorithms, and culture all change to quickly.


Get better at social media by changing your habits: • Read more to become a better writer • Take more photos to become a better photographer • Follow inspiring thinkers to become a better thinker


You reserve the right to change your mind at any time. Especially if it’s the result of learning new information.


The best way to change someone’s mind is to be befriend them The best way to befriend someone is to build trust with them The best way to build trust with someone is to give without an expectation of anything in return


I can’t stress this enough: Change your habits, change your identity


If there is nothing you can do to fix a situation, complaining about it only makes it worse


Change what you eat, change your body Change what you do, change your relationships Change what you consume, change what you create


Don’t be married to your perspective Be married to what works


Changing your desires changes your future


Understanding human nature is the foundation necessary for understanding most things Human nature hasn’t changed for 100,000 years, and won’t change for the next 100,000 years either

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